My Sweet Marie

Camping Memories

Posted on: July 17, 2012

This weekend, Denis and I camped with Anita and Tom, friends that have hung in there a loooong time with us!  We camped in Port Burwell  Provincial Park. We keep going back to this park for so many reasons, but mostly because it’s only an hour’s drive away, which is nice when you’re camping for three nights, AND the beach is just beautiful! Look it up at .

We spent Saturday at the beach and I mean the day! We headed out to the beach after a late breakfast of bacon and eggs and packed us a few bevvies and snacks! The skies were blue and not a cloud to be spotted for miles!  The guys played catch with the football, Anita and I basically just lied on the blankets with our books! We did wade into the warm water occasionally and we did walk on the beach, that counts for exercise doesn’t it?  We had an umbrella for shade when needed,  and I did see sunscreen going on,  so we all made out just fine!

The screen tent  provided us a nice dining spot on Saturday night where we had some local perch , along with a lovely rice pilaf and an awesome salad of spring mix, goat’s cheese and black cherries with a balsamic dressing! It was a feast like no other! I almost forgot, we topped that dinner off with some gluten-free brownies that I had packed too! You can be sure with Anita and Tom, we’ll be eating some good eats when we are all together!

You would think that with a long day at the beach, then a big dinner we’d need a nap but no, not us! After the guys cleaned up (yes they did!) we had us a competitive game of Euchre, guys against the girls! You got it, the girls beat them something bad! They gave a valiant effort but lady luck was with us on Saturday night! That and perhaps the tequilla shots may have altered their game some!! We were very encouraging tho of them doing shots…hee hee.

The guys decided we need to get the campfire going, (I’m sure it had nothing to do with us beating them twice) and a campfire we had! After a few comments about it being a waste to have a fire like this and not roasting weenies, we decided to get out the hot dogs and buns. We set the buns on the picnic table while the weenies were roasting and we could hear this noise from the screen tent. A very mischievous raccoon had gotten in the tent, on the picnic table and ran off with a whole bag of buns! I’m talking the whole dozen of buns! Lucky for me, he did not care for my gluten-free buns! Anita saved the day with her spares and we still managed to have hot dogs!

Around the campfire we shared many stories of camping past, ours and theirs and we planned to do it again next year. Life can get in the way of having fun sometimes and we  just have to plan things ahead of time, and then just do it! I appreciate how busy they are with their family still at home so for them to give up a weekend to spend with us, I am very grateful. We sure did laugh, and have fun so here’s to camping and making memories!


Sweet Marie




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