My Sweet Marie

This weather!

Posted on: May 28, 2012

Yesterday I was thanking God for all the rain as here in London, we’ve had a mandatory ban on using any outside water for almost a week now! So my flowers were real happy yesterday and I think I saw the fish clapping too! I saw a few people out on their stoops just watching the rain fall! It was a sight for sore eyes! This is something you’d think you’d beĀ reading in August or maybe even July but not May!

Do you get the feeling this is going to be a hot summer? If today is any kind of indication, I’d say yes it will be! It’s already 31 degrees and that’s without the humidex! Really our normal temp for May 28 is like 18 or somewhere around there! What is up?

So here’s a few tips to stay cool:

  • Drink lots of water at room temp
  • Call a neighbor with a pool and go for a dip(yes I have a pool, come on by!)
  • Pour cool water over your head or a cold shower!
  • Wear light clothing, leave the black to the bikers!
  • Go to the mall or the movies, they keep those places like ice boxes!
  • Don’t use the stove, have a salad tonight! Better yet, order out and save someone a job!
  • Use fans in your home even if you have air, circulate that cool air!
  • If you don’t have air, try putting a bowl of ice( a block) in front of the fan
  • Splash your face, wrists and arms with cool water…it really works.
  • Do not leave your kids or pets in the car…DUH
  • Check on any elder neighbors or relatives

Anybody have anymore ideas? I’s be happy to share any ideas!! Have a safe and cool time out there people!

Sweet Marie



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