My Sweet Marie

Gotta Love Long Weekends!

Posted on: May 22, 2012

For me Victoria long weekend or the May 2-4 as it’s been nicknamed for years, is all about getting the chores in the yard done before you can dig in and have fun! This year, the weather co-operated and we got to do what we wanted to do! For the last several years, it’s been cold or wet on the 2-4! I’m not sure when or how it got nicknamed the 2-4, I think it had to do with it usually falling on or around May 24th. For the longest time, I thought it was because everyone went out and bought a 2-4 of beer! I guess if you didn’t know I was Canadian, that would be a sure sign right there!

So we started out the weekend all gung-ho for the chores! Friday night while sipping our wine on the patio, we made our to-do list and made great plans for the following day! Denis got most of his list done, but as usual, I got side tracked and did a whole lot of other things! I always do that!  I start out making a salad, then I’ll see a lot of eggs, so I’ll make hard-boiled eggs, then I’ll see these sad-looking potatoes so I might as well make a potato salad, and well while I’m at it I’ll marinate some chops for dinner and well I might as well….it just can never end for me!

In the end, I did give some of the bushes out front a haircut, but not all of them and I did clean out the smoker…yuck! That’s worse than cleaning a stinky, dirty oven! No wonder Denis snickered when I said I’d take that job! He’s no dumb toot! I’ll know better next time! So we had said we’d call it quits at 3 so that we could enjoy the rest of the weekend and at 3:10 I was making Pina Coladas with the rum Melissa brought us from Cuba! It’s simple, just take a can of pineapple, a can of coconut milk and 1/2 can of rum and zoom in your blender! Delish! I think this rum must be 100 proof…wowsa!

Anyhow, those Pina Coladas, led us to a visit with our good friends Heather and Gary, we kind of went back and forth to their place and then back to ours for a campfire where we roasted wienies! Loads of giggles and a bit more wine and we were ready to call it a day after all that sun and all those chores!

Sunday proved to be another day of sun that could not be wasted so we headed for the tennis courts and had us a few games! I let Denis win, ok he beat my butt but I gave it a good go for a while! Every once in a while he let’s me get a few points and even lets me win a game now and then but I haven’t won a set yet! Summer is young, I got a new racket yesterday so my spirits are high! Wish me luck!

So, it’s Tuesday and back to all the routine of life! Truly I don’t mind so much as it was a great long weekend and today we’re getting some much-needed rain! Tomorrow the sun will shine again!

To my American readers, I hope you are blessed with a nice hot long weekend coming up!

Sweet Marie


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