My Sweet Marie

Guilty,Guilty and Guilty!

Posted on: May 12, 2012

A brilliant jury in my home town, London,On, Canada, has convicted Micheal Rafferty of first degree murder, abduction and sexual assault of innocent little Tori Stafford. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Just what that sick and twisted man deserved!

It was a long and heart-wrenching trial for those jurors and they did a fine job in the end of seeking justice for Tori. Micheal Rafferty being in prison for life won’t bring little Tori back, nor will it change the gruesome last few hours that poor little girl had to endure. If his sentencing makes one other sicko think twice about committing an act like that, than perhaps the law has won that battle.

For the last several months, London has been swarmed with news trucks and people from all over the country and even from around the world. Every night we were inundated with horrible details,pictures and video footage. I had to turn the tv off a few times. Having daughters and grand-daughters, this information is very disturbing to me. I don’t understand violence, especially on children. Why, why, is what I want to ask him.

If I had a few minutes to interview him, I’d ask him why would he hurt a little girl? What is wrong with your brain that, this is what turns your crank? Harming children and killing them? Why would he take away a little girl from her Mommy? Her Daddy? What about her brother Daryn, now left an only child?

Her brother probably has some crazy notion that this is his fault, as he was helping out a special needs child that day and didn’t walk his sister home as usual! Dear Daryn, please do not burden yourself with this, you took good care of your sister , these were sick people and they took advantage of the fact that you were helping someone out that needed you. This is not your fault.

Micheal Rafferty, I want you to know that you have not changed my core belief that humans are good people at the core, and that most people want to do well by others and mostly, by children. I will go on thinking that, in spite of your crimes against Tori.  I am not naive.  I will guard my grand-children like a pit-bull but I still will smile to people in the world. I’ll still open doors for the elderly and bend down to speak to children, you cannot mess with my spirit!

To all my readers, I beg you to watch out for all the little children within your eye sight. If you see a child walking on their own, keep an eye on them and be sure they get to their destination safely. We never know when one sick soul will be in our midst.

Please stay safe!

Sweet Marie


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