My Sweet Marie

It Must be Summer!

Posted on: May 5, 2012

For most people the first day of summer is june 21st, but not us! For us, it’s the day we open the pool! The yard takes on a whole new look with the pool open! I absolutely love it! Getting rid of that black, dirty, stinky tarp just makes me smile!

So today we got up and out early and got outside to open the pool!  It’s a big job but in the end we’re always glad when it’s done! Truth be told, Denis does most of the work! I help yank the dang stinky thing off the pool and then I clean it! But he’s the guy hooking up the pump and all that has to do with the pool, dragging out all the furniture, the bird bath, the chimenea, well, you get the drift!

Right now the bright yellow alyssum and the light purple creeping phlox are flowering and the yard is ablaze with color! With the blue background of the pool, well my yard just looks happy to me! Throw in some purple Ajuga and BAM you have color happening! I just have to learn how to upload pictures on this blog so that I can show you all!

So with all this hard work goes the back strains! Usually it’s me complaining of an achy back but today it’s Denis! The poor man is walking like a 100-year-old lady! I’m sure it’s just strained muscles and in a day or so, it’ll wear off, it usually does for him! He’s as tough as they get so I’m sure he’ll be fine, besides next weekend we have a whole lot of other jobs to get done!

Oh and Happy Cinco De Mayo! Cheers!

Sweet Marie


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