My Sweet Marie

Ridiculously Tanned Woman

Posted on: May 3, 2012

Ok has anyone seen the news clip on CNN with Anderson Cooper about the woman who is so tanned it looks like someone has painted her face black? She absolutely looks charred! Go to google and type in tanned woman/Anderson Cooper and you’ll get the scoop!

This woman was accused of taking her 6-year-old child tanning but she has denied this and thinks everyone is blowing things out of proportion. Let’s talk about proportion here lady, shall we? You look charred to bits! She looks as though she were left on the BBQ too long!

I will admit, I have been to tanning booths before to get a ‘base tan’ before heading off to Mexico but this woman has taken tanning to a whole new length. I’ll say like Anderson, there’s a difference between tan lines and going over the line!

Please someone tell this woman to stop! If you know her, get her help…really can she not see herself in the mirror? It takes scary, to a whole new level! I don’t even think the story is about her child anymore, even though we should be very concerned about her being able to care for a child. Please someone help that child!

Take care in the sun on this beautiful hot sunny day!

Sweet Marie


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