My Sweet Marie


Posted on: May 2, 2012

Holly will be three soon and her favourite thing to say right now is why? I’ll say Holly”Eat your dinner” …Holly asks “Why?’  So you’ll be healthy…Why? Because your dinner is full of nutrients and vitamins. Why? Because I made you a healthy dinner…Why? Because I love you…oh, Ok! Sheesh. You have to plan on a sentence getting at least three why’s! If you just keep answering her, eventually she gets it.  The world is all so big and there’s so much to learn, she’s giving it her best go that’s for sure!

Holly had a sleep over last night and we had our usual fun of the park, playing ball then home for a bath and bedtime stories! She is starting to call the guest room “her room”…I sure hope Heidi doesn’t hear this as she thinks it’s her room! Oh my, what have I started?

This morning we took our time getting ready, I let her just play with the toys and things. When we were ready we dressed and headed off to the bakery! Holly loves Healthy Creations as they make gluten-free bread and it’s so tasty! They love her in the store and they dote on her the second we walk in! What a hoot! She turns down cookie samples as she knows she’ll get a slice of fresh bread as soon as she’s buckled in! Hmmm…fresh baked bread, nothing like it!

So once home she settles in to play with her things, kiss the cats and her sister, not necessarily in that order tho! She was making a picture and I was trying to show her how to make an ‘H’ and she says me to me “Meme you’re making me frustrated!” Whaaaat? How old are you again? Oh I thought that was so funny as I know where she got that line!

I love when kids repeat their parents as it gives you just a little glimmer of their home or their personality and really, that’s pretty cool! Here’s to spending time with Holly girl!

Sweet Marie



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