My Sweet Marie

Here We Go Again….

Posted on: April 15, 2012

Some people go through relationships or cars like most people go through bread, me, it’s work! Seven months ago I started a job I thought would be my job till retirement, I loved this job. I felt as though  I was a part of something in helping people, my thing in life! I aim to help people so this job gave me the feeling of being part of the big picture. Turns out, I thought wrong!

I lost my job and here I go again…..looking for work, up against the young and educated! So if any of you readers are looking for a friendly face to greet your clients, I’m your woman! I am efficient, organized and hard-working! I speak two languages and have a basic understanding of a third as well! Most of all, I am available right now!

The catch is, I would prefer part-time hours and no weekends! This is the tricky part, trying to find a job that works not just for the employer but for me, and with this job that I just lost, I had that!

I am experienced in the food and beverage industries on many levels, the magazine trade and now as a medical receptionist. In all of my jobs I have been in front of the customer, right out there where I like it. I am most comfortable talking, selling or giving direction to the clients! I love that, so I guess that’s what I should be looking for. When you’re doing what you love, you’re really not working!

So, my dear friends, family and readers, if you hear of a job or an opening, pass on the info to me and if it’s meant to be, it will happen!


Sweet Marie


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