My Sweet Marie

Bonne Fete Tante Cecile!

Posted on: April 12, 2012

Today my aunt Cecile turns 85! Wow, what an accomplishment to reach 85 in all one piece! You have to think that she likely had to manoeuvre around a lot of obstacles to make it this far in life and still able to tell the story!

My aunt Cecile lived with her parents so whenever we went to visit Meme and Pepe, usually Aunt Cecile would be there. I loved it as she was always quick to share the taffy! She was always full of questions as to how you were, your brothers and sisters and what was everybody up to!

At the family functions, she was always playing with the kids, getting us all riled up and then she’d go sit with her sisters when she tired of us! Sure now that she got us all riled up! We’d get her to tell stories of our father when he was a boy and usually she had the goods on him, as she was older than he! We liked that!

Anyhow, Tante Cecile, if you’re reading, happy birthday. I hope your day has been special as you are a special aunt to so many kids! We may all be grown up and busy with our own kids and grand-kids now but we still think of you!

Bonne Fete Tante Cecile!

Sweet Marie



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