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Off The Grid

Posted on: April 7, 2012

You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged much in the last week or so! I’ve been off the grid as I was a tad busy with the grand-kiddies! We had Heidi and Blake here for 8 days and frankly there wasn’t time for a computer!

Blake’s bed was set up in the office so when he was sleeping, a great time for me to surf, I couldn’t as he was snoozing! So that’s my story and I am sticking to it! When my computer was free, I had Heidi on it on the website playing Strawberry Shortcake games! The kid is almost 5 and a whiz already on the computer! when I was 5 there was no such thing as a computer so it really is remarkable to see this! Even when her Mom was 5, we didn’t have a computer!

Our week with the kiddies flew by, some days easier than others! I worked during that time so I played the role of working Mom, getting up early, making lunches, and getting the kids to day-care so that I can fly in the nick of time! I usually get to work at least 15 minutes early, not this week!

A few funny things that happened, where shall I begin? Heidi sitting in my lap one day watching the toons, and she looks at me, I am far off in my own little dream world and she says “Meme, what were you thinking just now?” How old is this girl??

Another time, Blake comes flying in my bedroom, opens the door while I am dressing and there’s me in my bra and undies about to slide on pants (likely stretchy yoga pants) and he says “Lemme see your boobies Meme!” I said I don’t think so buddy! His reply? His arms crossed and a real smug look AHHH! Really, this boy is 2!

We spent one morning at Melanie’s, a chance for all the cousins to play together and Evelyn slept through the whole party! They were running, screaming, singing, eating, honking their horns, playing instruments, all of it and still Evie sleeps! What a baby doll! Holly loved it and they all played very nicely together! I’m sure though Mel was happy to see the door close behind us!

Denis says he hasn’t changed that many diapers in 25 years, I agree, he hasn’t! He took care of the kids as much as I did as I work till 7 two nights of the week. so he made them dinner, if you call hot dogs and KD, supper! They loved it!

For bed times we worked together with the teeth brushing, story telling and tucking in, we were an efficient team and got the job done, most nights by 8;30! Melissa tells me today they’re usually in bed by 7:30! Now she tells me!

All in all, it was a great time to bond with the kids and it will be remembered by all of us, I am sure as a week of giggles, nibbles and fun!


Sweet Marie


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