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Thirty-four years ago today, my mother became a grand-mother, at age 45 to David Andre! The woman was beside herself with happiness and her face lit up every time you mentioned the boy or God forbid, she saw him! David is no longer with us but we remember his birthday ever year, none the less.

Five years ago today, at age 45, on this same day, I,also, became a grand-mother! I, too, went a little coo-coo! There is something to be said about becoming a grand-mother. There is nothing like it! Having kids had its good moments but being a Meme, well, it is special.

Heidi calls us almost daily with tales of her day, usually reports of her dinner with Mommy, Daddy and Blakie boy. She always asks about our day and loves to hear about our life! She is full of questions and comments! Oh the comments! Tonight she told me she saw pictures of me from when Mommy was a little girl and she said “Meme you looked different then!” I was thinking I looked younger, thinner…nope, I hair long hair, that’s what she noticed. Really…kids see past the old thing!

Heidi has been counting down for this birthday more than any other birthday which tells me, it’s a biggie to her! We’ve gotten her 5 packages to unwrap and the one thing she asked for is ribbons! I said “Why do you want ribbons?” So I can make a present for Mommy! You gotta love that!

She got a birthday card in the mail today from Holly, her little cousin. Holly made the card here and we mailed it together so I was happy Heidi got it on time! She should be getting another tomorrow from us! We aren’t celebrating till Saturday so I wanted to have at least her card tomorrow!

On Monday she got a package from the other “Meme” and that was very exciting! It was a big envelope with a few things in it but more importantly, it has some change in there! She told she got $150 in there! I think it might have $1.50 but really it’s a 150 pennies isn’t it? Cents and dollars, what’s the dif?

Happy Birthday Heidi girl! Meme and Pepe love you!

Sweet Marie


On Monday Holly had an appointment with the specialist and I went along for moral support, not to mention Evelyn support, should it be needed! Turns out Evelyn found the whole process quite boring and slept through it all. Had I not been there though, she would have fussed for sure!

I am happy to tell you that Holly is in great health and that she has grown a remarkable three inches since August! I’m thinking the height comes from her father’s side, not her Mommy’s!

Blood work was recommended, and so we head for the nurse to draw blood. We were real happy to see it was the same nurse Holly had when she had blood taken the first time, she’s a pro with kids. Holly had 4 vials taken and did not flinch, budge or even say Ow! That’s right, she’s 34 months young, had blood taken and didn’t even cry. She even watched the nurse stick the needle in! We tried to get her to look away but no…she had to see! This bravery is deserving of a special treat!

We head to Dollarama, the special treat place of all times, and Holly picks out the ‘hair-dressing’ kit! It comes with a blow dryer, curling iron, clips, a mirror and comb! She played with that thing all day Monday and then again on Tuesday! She tried curling Rasky’s (our cat) tail, she tried curling her ears and Rasky stood her grounds when it came to her whiskers! Nobody is gonna curl her whiskers! Poor Rasky had a clip in her fur all afternoon as she couldn’t reach it! Holly will not get the same co-operation from her cats as they are boys for one thing, and they’re younger! Rasky just couldn’t care less!

So Holly spent the night with us as what’s a trip to London if you can’t sleep at Meme’s? We had a fabulous day yesterday making cherry pecan loaf, we made soap which apparently doesn’t taste so good but looks a lot like cookies! She only had a little taste, I promise Mel!

We also made a birthday card for Heidi who celebrates a birthday tomorrow! We went for a walk and mailed the card, hopefully she’ll get it on time! Holly stuck all kinds of stickers on some construction paper, markers, the whole bit! I’m sure Heidi will love it, specially when she gets mail! That is such fun to get mail when you’re little!

Having grand-children is like having little deja-vues of your own children and it is so nice to have those memories! Holly made one comment to Denis and he said “OK Little Melanie” and she replied “My name is Holly!”. If only she knew how much that sounded like Melanie and the irony of that comment, she would crack up, just like we did!

Here’s to going crackers with the kiddies!

Sweet Marie

When you’re always trying to conform to the norm, you lose your uniqueness, which can be the foundation for your greatness.”

—  Dale Archer

I was tempted to post this recipe as I saw my pregnant niece’s Facebook status mentioning it! It’s as easy as can be and a yummy treat! Enjoy Dara!


  •                     1 (10.75 ounce) loaf day-old bread( gluten-free or not), cubed
  •                     4 cups milk or almond milk for non-dairy
  •                     2 cups brown sugar
  •                     1/2 cup butter, melted
  •                     3 eggs, beaten
  •                     2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  •                     1 cup raisins or chips of any kind(choc.,butterscotch etc)


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).  Butter a 9×13 inch baking dish.
  2.  In a large bowl, combine bread, milk, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla and raisins or butterscotch chips.  Pour into prepared pan.
  3. Bake in preheated oven 1 hour, until nearly set.  Won’t be crispy but not soggy either.
  4.   Serve warm or cold.  Delicious with a caramel sauce or rum sauce.


  •                     1/2 cup brown sugar
  •                     1/2 cup butter
  •                     2 tablespoons light corn syrup
  •                     1 tablespoon rum or vanilla

Combine the brown sugar, 1/2 cup butter, corn syrup, and rum in a saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium heat and simmer for 3 to 4 minutes or until just slightly thickened. Let cool slightly.

mel Sauce


I don’t know about you but I am tired of people suing big companies because of their own stupidity. A new Zealand woman’s family is trying to sue Coca-Cola for the death of a stay-at-home Mom who drank 10 litres of Coca-Cola a day. That’s right, 10 litres a day.

Just to put that in perspective, that’s 5 of those 2 litre bottles. That’s a lot of pop! Not only that, she smoked 30 cigarettes a day! Really and you’re going to sue Coca-Cola? Tell me, was there a rep from Coca-Cola holding a gun to your head saying “drink the pop woman!”

Don’t get me wrong, I feel badly for the woman’s family. She has 8 children and a husband left behind. Why do people wait till people die to do something? If your wife is drinking 10 litres of pop, don’t wait till she dies to be outraged! Get on her butt and get her help! I really don’t think coca-Cola is responsible in this case.

Pop is bad for you, bottom line. Having a glass once in a while won’t kill you but apparently 10 litres a day will. I am constantly on people about pop. We don’t drink much of it here in my home, in fact there’s a 2 litre bottle of Coke from Christmas that was opened for company and I just tossed it down the drain the other day. We just don’t care for it.

Moral of the story? Don’t wait for someone you love to die before doing something! If you know someone drinking  a lot of anything, stop them! Even 10 litres of water will kill you!

Drink safely people!

Sweet Marie

I recently lost my job and today I find myself quite bored . I looked up boredom on Google and found a few ways to relieve boredom. Here are a few added with a few of my own ideas and I am not telling which are which!

  1. Hide in your closet with a Scream mask on and have someone come find you!
  2. Run thru your neighborhood pant-less and yell “My pants are on fire!!”
  3. Mis-match all of your husbands socks and put them away that way!
  4. Randomly hug everyone in the street.
  5. Spread peanut butter or shaving cream all over the handles of people’s cars!
  6. Go thru the drive thru and tell them you want that order to go. Confuses them.
  7. Mess with the scale at the doctor’s office so that the next person thinks they’ve gained 50 lbs.
  8. change your Facebook status to read ” I want a sex change” see what kind of comments you get!
  9. Short sheet the guest bed!
  10. Call the local pizza joint and order chinese and don’t stop till they hang up!

Well there’s a short list for you in case you’re bored. I’d be happy to hear your ideas! Hope you have an interesting day now!


Sweet Marie

Some people go through relationships or cars like most people go through bread, me, it’s work! Seven months ago I started a job I thought would be my job till retirement, I loved this job. I felt as though  I was a part of something in helping people, my thing in life! I aim to help people so this job gave me the feeling of being part of the big picture. Turns out, I thought wrong!

I lost my job and here I go again…..looking for work, up against the young and educated! So if any of you readers are looking for a friendly face to greet your clients, I’m your woman! I am efficient, organized and hard-working! I speak two languages and have a basic understanding of a third as well! Most of all, I am available right now!

The catch is, I would prefer part-time hours and no weekends! This is the tricky part, trying to find a job that works not just for the employer but for me, and with this job that I just lost, I had that!

I am experienced in the food and beverage industries on many levels, the magazine trade and now as a medical receptionist. In all of my jobs I have been in front of the customer, right out there where I like it. I am most comfortable talking, selling or giving direction to the clients! I love that, so I guess that’s what I should be looking for. When you’re doing what you love, you’re really not working!

So, my dear friends, family and readers, if you hear of a job or an opening, pass on the info to me and if it’s meant to be, it will happen!


Sweet Marie