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St.Patrick’s Day Riot on Fleming Drive

Posted on: March 20, 2012

On Saturday we had record high temps, celebrated St.Patrick’s day and that was the perfect storm for a riot in London. Fleming Dr. is a street near Fanshawe College where the party animals live. These said party animals are kids who have left home for the first time and have no boundaries whatsoever! So what did they do? They drank all day, and then they got real stupid.

Facebook and Twitter are great for many a thing, including spreading the word of where there’s a party and that’s what happened. Over 1,000 kids were gathered and things got out of hand. Someone started a fire and a nearby resident called the police. A news crew arrived and not nearly enough police officers. The news crew started filming the hooligans and eventually he abandoned ship when some punk tried to take away his camera. They knocked him to the ground but he got away with his camera.

The police actually backed away as the crowd was getting wild, and the rioters went after the news vehicle. They rocked it, threw things at it, smashed windows and doors with sign posts that they had torn down, and eventually they set it on fire. Video footage of it shows screaming, chanting rioters elated at the sound of blasting explosions! Go to and click on Fleming Drive Riot 2  and see for yourself. I am not exaggerating!

Today, in reading the London Free press, someone had criticized the police for backing off, and here’s the comment I sent in to the Free press:In response to the ‘fearless force’ comment on March 20th, I’d like to point out that there 50 officers against 1,000 high, intoxicated, pumped up rioters, where were you pussycat? The police did the right thing by standing down. My questions to chief Duncan is where was the ERT? Why didn’t they have the fire dpt turn their hoses on that crowd? That would have separated the boys from the men , wouldn’t it? We need to look at inexpensive tools to secure this Fleming Dr, how about security cameras? People, stop criticising the men and women who protect and serve us daily. 

I find it appalling that anyone would criticize the men and women who were out there that night(police force). A) They weren’t there to feel the energy of the crowd and B) they were terribly outnumbered by 20-1! Those are not good numbers people!

What I want to know is, for the parents who have kids that live on Fleming Dr, have you asked them if they were a part of this? How have you handled this? Make your kids own their responsibility and do the time! There has to be some accountability. Luckily we have all kinds of footage on you tube so the police will be doing that for us, but really people, have a talk with those hooligan children of yours! These were not kids that were fighting for peace, or for poverty, these were kids who were drunk and wanted to stir trouble, well they got their wish. They caused trouble and now all of Fanshawe College student body is paying for their stupidity!

I hope that employers hiring students this summer will keep open minds that not all of Fanshawe students are hooligans. I hope those students are expelled and not allowed back in town!

Do you know where your children are?

Sweet Marie


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