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Those Kids Say The Funniest Things!

Posted on: March 17, 2012

Yesterday I had Blake and Heidi for the day. It was the last day of March break and so we thought we’d give Tasha, their sitter, the day off! So bright and shiny, they arrive to have breakfast with me! Heidi called the night before and made me promise to not eat till she got there! We used to have breakfast together all the time, she loves it. Ok so I waited and we shared a lovely meal of scrambled eggs, fresh fruit and they had raisin english muffins. Yummy and nutritious!

After breakfast, they run to the living room to play and Blake stops dead in his tracks in front of my wine rack and says “OOOH Meme’s juice!” Where do they hear this stuff? How does he know I love wine? Really have I had that much in front of him? Oh my, I need to re-evaluate my wine habit!

So we went to the gym and the kids played in the play room while I worked out. It’s a fair trade-off, believe me they are having way more fun then me! On the way home, I said to Heidi, I think I’ll stop in the grocery store, I need eggs and milk. She asked to not do that, let’s just go home she says. Ok,I say, but I was going to get you guys a treat there. So we carry on and a few minutes later she says “Well, Meme if you want to go to the store, we can do that” How thoughtful of that little girl, can you believe the wits of this one? The treat she wanted? Oh she wants a mango! Yep a mango, not chips or chocolate, a mango! Gotta love that!

When we got home, Stephanie, our 11 year-old neighbor, came over to spend time with us. What a treat she is, she loves the kids and they love her and so the afternoon flew by with her help! They did crafts while Blake slept, none the wiser! When Blake woke up, we went over to Steph’s to give Allie, their dog, some loving! I’m not sure who had more hair on them at the end of the visit, the dog or us!

By the time we got back from our walk to the park, Pepe had arrived and the kids were all over him and he loved it! Blake screeched when Pepe walked in the door, he jumped in his arms and hugged him like he hadn’t seen him in years! What a kid! Heidi had to get in there too for her hugs too, and that’s ok as Pepe has a ‘Love Bank Account’ for each of his grand-children and those accounts are always full!

What have you heard a child say lately? Please share with us all!

Sweet Marie


2 Responses to "Those Kids Say The Funniest Things!"

Your so blessed!

Agreed, very blessed indeed. These kids are a hoot!

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