My Sweet Marie

Getting The Fridge Fixed!

Posted on: March 14, 2012

Today I had the pleasure of getting my fridge fixed,  not neutered, repaired! As in, the freezer isn’t making ice or keeping things frozen! It all started on the weekend when Denis says “have you noticed the fridge is running on and on?” Um, no…I hadn’t! I don’t know what I’d do if I lived alone, this man is on it all the time! I do not notice this stuff, do you?

So, I called Sears where we bought the monstrous thing 13 years ago and we booked a time that worked for us all! Today is the day. I get a phone call from the tech, before he arrives, with a bunch of questions. Why call me? Really do you think I can help you? It’s a black fridge, that’s all I know! He asked a few good questions to which I was able to answer, yes there is frost on the back panel, no it won’t make ice, blah,bla, bla.

Denis’ big concern was that if it was the compressor, we’d have to go out and buy a new fridge, not something we have budgeted for! We better get on that and save a bit in case we need to soon. As it turns out, it was our self-defrost that wasn’t working and the compressor kept running to keep the fridge part cold. That makes sense doesn’t it?

So, not a huge repair dollar-wise, the part is only $50 but in all with labor and the trip out it’s going to cost us over $200! That’s better than going out and buying a new fridge though isn’t it?

So folks, that is today’s dilemma for me! I think I’ll survive and perhaps start a little nest egg for that new fridge, just in case!

Keep Cool!

Sweet Marie


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