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Saying Good-bye to Aunt Connie

Posted on: March 9, 2012

Saying good-bye to Aunt Connie was hard, funerals being my least favourite celebration. Aunt Connie was a wonderful aunt and she was so many things, to so many people. I have been to far too many funerals over the last few years, but this one touched me deeply.

Her grand-son Evan read a beautiful tribute to her that he wrote on his own, without editing by his parents. He read it with such soul, you could feel his sadness over the loss of his Grammie. He had tears streaming down his face and yet he proudly, read on. His parents were obviously very proud of him to be able to express himself and to paint such a very beautiful picture of his grand-mother. I think he must be 15 or 16 and when I think of teen boys, I think of droopy drawers and sour attitudes, not this young man. Very eloquent indeed.

Once we recovered from Evan’s kind words, Jennifer stood to do her eulogy. She read a very beautiful tribute of her Mom and touched on so many of her finer qualities and I was happy to hear her put some of the funny stuff in there too. Aunt Connie had a fabulous sense of humor and an even better laugh, I was glad she brought those up!

Surely Uncle Dave will miss Connie as they’ve been married 43 years and had a beautiful friendship to be admired. They did most things together so I imagine there’ll be an adjustment period for him. I know that he is happy for Connie, that she is no longer suffering and no longer sick. I know he hated that for her. He, of all people, saw it the most.

The sisters Emmy, Sue and Bev will miss their lunches together no doubt. Over the years they have had some fun. I know they will continue to go on and have those lunches and I even heard one say she’d order a pot of tea for Connie and place it at her place. I think Connie would get a hoot out of that, in fact she may have warned them to do it or she’d haunt them! Strictly hearsay tho!

Her brothers Simon, Roger,Teddy and Paul also will miss her, as she always had an ear for them. The boys don’t get as much recognition but I know they’ll miss her and I felt their sadness yesterday.

Aunt Connie, I hope you were watching from heaven, and saw what a great tribute was celebrated for you on Wednesday. People from all over were there, your friends, your previous child care kids, your nieces and nephews, cousins, neighbors and so many more that I don’t even know!

Rest in peace Aunt Connie.

sincerest regards,

Sweet Marie


2 Responses to "Saying Good-bye to Aunt Connie"

your so thoughtful babe sister. love u Colette

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