My Sweet Marie

RIP Aunt Connie

Posted on: March 4, 2012

My dear Aunt Connie passed away last night surrounded by her family. Aunt Connie had been fighting cancer for 10 years and last night, March 3rd, she succumbed with grace. Her husband Dave, her kids and some of the grand-kids were present when she took her last breath. She did it her way, at home and with her family there.

My mother, and her other sisters Sue and Emmy got there just as their beloved sister took her last breath. The family graciously let them sit with Connie and they got to say their good-byes in the privacy of her home. This is my mother’s younger sister (they’re all younger actually!) and she is saddened terribly by the loss. Connie loved you too, Mom.

Aunt Connie was a wonderful mother to Jennifer, David and Brandon and a greeat mother-in-law to Beth, Leo and Terri. Growing up I remember being a bit jealous as she was a stay at home Mom, and they had her attention full-time, I’m sure there were times when they wish they hadn’t but I know they are very grateful for her dedication!

Three years ago when I was working for Real Women, we held a conference here in London and Connie joined my Mom and a few other ladies for a day of fun. I know they did it just to support me and for that, I will always be grateful. Aunt Connie took me aside and asked about Heidi , my only grand-child at the time. Of course I gushed and she told me to spend all the time I could with my grand-kids as you just don’t know how long you have with them. That always stuck with me and I do try hard to spend time with them and to create new memories, always. Thanks to Aunt Connie, my grand-kids have a better Meme.

Aunt Connie was a wonderful grand-mother to her nine grand-kids. She spent hours and hours with  Evyn, Riley, Allyson, Declan, Quinn, Maximillian, Owen, Everett,and Brogan. She tried to make it to all their hockey, soccer or baseball games. She was their very own cheerleader! She was at a game as recently as a few weeks ago, even in her poor health, she insisted on going. I know they were loved greatly by Grammie and now they have a guardian angel that will look after them from heaven!

Aunt Connie, if you can read in heaven, I know you’re up there, could you tell David we miss him and that we will always remember him? Give him a hug for us too!

Thank you Aunt Connie for the love you shared, the strength you showed and the smile you always had on your face!

Sincerest regards,

Sweet Marie


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