My Sweet Marie


Posted on: February 11, 2012

So one year ago today I started this blog to track my last year of my forties. I’ve learned a lot about myself in that year and what I know for sure is that 50 is just another number! I actually feel younger, healthier then I did a year ago!

I learned in the last year that I am gluten intolerant and that has made a huge difference in my health, I feel full of energy and not bogged down all the time! Who knew giving up gluten would make such a difference in how I feel. It’s really not that hard to give up so if you have any intestinal or colon type issues, I highly recommend you try for a few weeks and see if it makes a difference for you!

I learned that grand-children are what makes the world go around and around! My grand-kids keep me young! I have no choice, I need to be active to keep up with them as they have boundless energy! They love unconditionally regardless of your size, colour or religion, they don’t know or care about any of that! They also will tell you the truth whether you want or not!

I learned that hormones can be controlled in a natural and safe way without hormone therapy. Women if you are suffering hot flashes, you don’t have to. See a naturopathic doctor and soon you will forget you are experiencing a change in life! Think of menopause as a journey and you can either ride a rickety old bus(hot flashes) or you can drive a Passat! It doesn’t have to be nasty, don’t settle for nasty, you deserve better!

I’ve learned that life is going to happen, whether I want it or not so I might as well accept it, and try to deal with it as graciously as possible. It’s not the problems in life that get you down, it’s how you react to them. Think about that now.

I’ve learned that friends come in many shapes and sizes and come in many forms. Some friends you have known for most of your life and know many of your darkest secrets and yet still love you! Some friends you see only at the gym or at work,  but are so happy to see them when you do. Some friends you chat to on the phone mostly, some friends are coffee pals but regardless of how often you see these friends or how long you’ve known them, you know when you need them, they are there.

I’ve learned that my daughters are grown women who live wonderful lives but who still need me occasionally. I like that… a lot! Even though they have husbands who care very well for them, it’s good to know that at times they still need good old Mom. I’m proud to see how they’ve matured into fabulous Mommies themselves.

I’ve learned that my hubby in spite of his macho exterior is nothing but a marshmallow on the inside and is as sweet as can be! He’s planned this trip to Mexico all on his own, with many little side trips and surprises, all in honour of my fiftieth birthday and for that, and all he does, I’ll forever be grateful and remember this trip fondly!

I started writing this blog writing journey thinking I’d do it for year only but I will continue as I love writing and it’s given me an outlet and for those of you who have joined me on this journey, for all of your comments and wishes, thank you!

Cheers to 50!

Sweet Marie



4 Responses to "FIFTY…Oh My !"

Marie, what an awesome commentary about turning 50. It’s so true that it’s just a number and it’s great to see the difference that going off of Gluten has made in your life, your energy level is awesome and better then a year ago for sure.

Well this trip, I tried my best to plan a trip that we would enjoy together and have lasting memories from it. I can’t wait to take you out for your Birthday dinner tonight and create many more lasting memories the rest of the trip.

Your girls are quite blessed to have such a thoughtful, caring and loving Mother. Those beautiful, lovable, exceptional Grand-children are also blessed to have such a loving, caring Grand-mother, your love for all of them is contagious.

As for a wife, well it doesn’t get any better then this, if it does I don’t know how it could.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIE, hope this day and the whole vacation is all that you could hope to have.



Wow…thank you so much. I look forward to dinner, lobster and you, what more can a 50 year old gal want?

I agree with everything you said & more Marie. It just gets better & better. Have a great birthday 😀

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