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Posted on: February 9, 2012

If you’re driving all the way to Chichen Itsa then you might as well stop in to Valladolid on your way back! We left Playa quite early in the morning to beat the rush of people at Chichen Itsa and boy were we glad we did! When leaving there were throngs of people in line to get into the park! When we went out to the parking lot, there were hundreds of tour buses and even more vans! Jorge was right, early to Chichen Itsa then we go to Valladolid.

Valladolid is a small city in the state of Yucatan. Named after Valladolid, at the time the capital of Spain, the first Valladolid in Yucatán was established on May 27, 1543 at some distance from the current town, at a lagoon called Chouac-Ha in the municipality of Tizmin. However, early Spanish settlers complained about the mosquitoes and humidity at the original location, and petitioned to have the city moved further inland. On March 24, 1545, Valladolid was relocated to its current location.

The central town plaza is what really interested us, it’s where locals and visitors congregate to sit on benches, mingle and enjoy the setting. It’s a lovely park with more park benches then I have ever seen! I wonder do they ever all get filled? If so, what kind of occasion calls for that many people in the square? We walked around town while Jorge slept in the car, keeping up with the tradition of a Mexican siesta!

On our walking tour, we spotted Mayan ladies in their traditional hupil hand embroidered dresses selling their wares displayed on the fence surrounding the zocalo. We bought this coconut sugar, which kind of looked like toffee, from an old woman for ten pesos! It is divine. She promises me there is no ‘leche’ in it, only sugar (azucar) and coconut. I’ve been nibbling on it every chance I get!

The Cathedral was what we really wanted to see as Denis had read about it in his research. It’s called San Gervasio and was built in 1706. There was a cathedral there before but was torn down by Bishop Don pedro de Los Reyes Rios because of it’s profanation in the so called crime of the mayors. So I can’t tell you what that one looks like, but this one is absolutely beautiful!

When we got to the gates we were sad to see it wouldn’t be open until four o’clock. I was stunned, as it was only two’sh. We walked around town, found another church locked and kept on walking. We found a great museum that had some very old artifacts from some of the ruins including Echbalon and Chichen Itsa. We ran out of time for Echbalon so I’m glad we saw bits of it at least.

We got back to the car at 3’sh and asked Jorge would he like to share a picnic I had packed? He had also brought his daughter Beri along and they thought that was a great idea. I packed some nachos, some fresco salsa, some fruit, veggies and salami! Doesn’t everyone bring salami on a picnic? They had never had salami…I liked that! They snubbed my yellow peppers but liked the carrot sticks, they’d not had this before!  Who knew a staple in your diet could be so new to someone else’s? Long story short, by the time we finished our nosh, it was four o’clock!

I am so very glad that we waited round to see the church. It is magnificent! In the entry to the cathedral are these huge, I mean huge, wooden doors, I cannot explain how big they are! When you walk in all you see is the simplicity in the layout of the church, very old style but so beautiful! The statues are all so old but in good shape. The pews all in a row all shined and ready for the next mass. There are alcoves with different Saint’s statues are displayed with candles and little kneelers are there for private prayer. The confessionals were present and I tried not to look as those things always scared me as a child!

Before leaving, we paid our respects  to the donation box and said a little prayer. I, for one, am very grateful for what and who I have in my life and thank God everday for that. I am thankful for having the freedom to travel where and when I want and that we have the ability to do so occasionally.

Sweetest blessings,

Sweet Marie


2 Responses to "Valladolid"

sounds like your having an amazing time thanks for sharing

Yes, fun times! tomorrow we’ll take the collectivo to Akumal! We’ve been told the beach is amazing so of course, we must check it out!

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