My Sweet Marie

Greetings From Mexico

Posted on: February 5, 2012

Hola! My hubby is watching the Superbowl so I thought I’d drop a line to update you on Melanie and to give you a quick update on our holidays! Yes, even in beautiful Mexico he watches the Superbowl!

First, Melanie is doing well. She is counting down to her induction date! 17 days to go. By the time she has baby she will have been in that hospital for 6 weeks! That is if she doesn’t go into labor before that date! Personally, I’m hoping she will hang out till her induction date for selfish reasons! For one, we’ll be back from holidays so we’d be there for the birth. I don’t mean in the room, I mean in the city! So hang on Melanie and everyone else keep the prayers coming!

As for the holiday, Denis and I are having fun! I think you could even say we’re relaxed! We had a bit of weather yesterday, got caught in one of those famous rainfalls here, what a hoot, we were soaked but we were on the way back from the beach so we were in bathing suits, so technically we were properly dressed!  

Today was sunny and warm with a gentle breeze…for a Canadian in February, you just can’t ask for anything else! Sun, warmth and relaxation…life is good. Today is Superbowl Sunday so many of the bars are having specials, happy hours to snag in the patrons but we opted for some nachos right here in the condo! We are guaranteed seats here! No chilli this year for us, frankly I am ok with that!

This week we will take a day trip to Chichen-Itsa with Jorge. He’s a taxi driver that was recommended to us by Cathy and Ed, proprietors of this condo. If you’d like to see this condo or rent it, here’s the link  I highly recommend it. It’s a great location, close to restaurants, the Mega(grocery store) and only blocks to the beach!

Another day trip we’ll be doing is taking the collectivo ( sorta bus) to Akumel. Do a Google search on collectivos in Play Del Carmen, you’ll laugh! It’s a small town not far from here and they have a natural habitat for the sea turtles. It is egg hatching time for all the mama turtles and we’re going to try to see this! This was recommended to us by a gentleman we met at dinner last night who is a property manager for many villas in Akumal. check out Rhett’s website for some pretty awesome villas! These are great when you have a few couples to share the costs! Here’s the link

Well time to go and sit on the balcony and watch the sun go to bed! Nightie night!

Sweet Marie


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