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Things I’ve Learned From Holly!

Posted on: January 27, 2012

If you’ve been hiding under a rock you may not know that my daughter Melanie has been in hospital for 17 days now! She’s 33 weeks pregnant and her water broke at 31 weeks. She has done a remarkable job of keeping baby in and plans to do so for another couple of weeks. The doctors will let her go till week 37 which is three weeks away, for the baby that would be best! Her little one Holly stayed with us this past week and has taught us a few important life lessons. Here they are:

  1. Start your day with a nice healthy soak in the tub. Holly starts each morning with a bath, bubble if she’s feeling up to it and while she plays with the rubber duckies she sips her greens! That’s right, Princess Holly starts the day with a cuppa greens!
  2. Enjoy a little laughter in your morning. Holly likes to watch a bit of Curious George while eating her G.F. toast with peanut butter! She laughs at all the right times and gasps when he misbehaves and looks to see if I’ve noticed his naughtiness, how does she know to do this?
  3. Pay attention when talking to your mother on the phone. Melanie phones Holly every morning to wish her good-morning and like the Christmas tree on Xmas morning, Holly lights up the moment she hears Mommy’s voice. She listens with rapt attention to every word then when she’s done hands me the phone!
  4. Terms of endearment are always welcome! I didn’t realize how much I use terms of endearment until Holly walked in on her mother in the washroom and said “Good job sweetheart! I am so proud of you!” I guess she is listening!
  5. Don’t waste a second of precious time. Holly only gets a couple of hours a day with her Mommy and she uses every second to be near her, sing with her or read with her. Don’t waste your time, be with the ones you love.
  6. Stand your ground! Holly holds her ground, no matter what she wants! She will stand there with her arms crossed and look you in the eye as if to say, go ahead make my day! To get Holly to leave her Mommy, she must leave in style. She gets wheeled out in a wheel chair and that’s all there is to it! Hold your ground people, demand for what you want in life! Settle for nothing less.
  7. Eat what you love! Holly really doesn’t eat a lot but when she likes something, she can eat like a man! she’s as healthy as any child but when it comes to pasta, load her up! So be healthy but once in a while, splurge and eat what you love!
  8. End your day with hugs, love and sweet good-nights! Melanie calls every night to say good-night to Holly and wish her a good sleep. Every night Holly tells her she loves her and to stay healthy. It is very sweet and we should all learn to say good-night the way a child does.

Today Holly will go home to be with Dad, Jim, who’s been away all week. I expect he’ll get a huge welcoming hug from Holly as she’s been asking for him. They’ll have a great time and make the most of their short weekend. Soon, life will be back to normal, they’ll have a new baby and they’ll create a new normal for their family. Life is a never-ending of shift in our normal, isn’t it?

Warmest Greetings to you all!

Sweet Marie


4 Responses to "Things I’ve Learned From Holly!"

hollygirl she is the real deal,wish I LIVED CLOSER…….

She sure is! She’s been an absolute doll and been a real trooper thru this all.

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