My Sweet Marie

No News Is Good News!

Posted on: January 21, 2012

No news is good news when it comes to Melanie these days. Nothing much to report about her condition other than she is comfortable and resting nicely! She had yet another ultra-sound and all is well with baby, he/she is content in the nice warm tummy and plans on staying for a while apparently!

Melanie is getting tired of the hospital food though! On Friday Denis brought her in a baked potato and chilli from Wendy’s and that went over really well! She’s on the gluten-free meal plan and the variety is not so special! She hinted today that Swiss Chalet’s chicken is gluten-free and that she’d really go for that if we’re in the neighborhood of a Swiss Chalet on our next visit! Hint,hint! I can take a hint!

Holly is doing well, getting used to the program and working it for every cookie she can get! That kid is no dumb toot! She won’t leave the hospital unless you put her in a wheel chair and wheel her out now…. ok we can do this…what a kid! Anything for a free ride! Won’t be long and she’ll be wanting to ride a motorcycle!

Jim is trying to keep up with the madness, working out-of-town all week, and splitting his weekend time between Mel and Holly! Somewhere in there he has to do his laundry and plan his meals and packing for the next week! I’m thinking he has a good idea what the hamsters life is like! I get the feeling he might be missing his wife right about now!

I still haven’t been to the hospital since last Friday because of my cold but am hoping I’ll be good to go tomorrow! I miss my Mel! We’ll see…maybe we’ll take the scenic route and drive thru Swiss chalet!

All I know for sure today is…no news is good news!

Warmest greetings,

Sweet Marie



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