My Sweet Marie

Countdown Time

Posted on: January 19, 2012

It’s countdown time for this year’s winter holiday! It is bittersweet for us this time as we are in limbo with Melanie in hospital and no baby yet! We could technically have a new grand-child before we leave but we know it’s best for the baby to just stay where it’s at for as long as possible! I think Feb.11th would be a good day for that baby to be born, don’t you? What a 50th birthday gift that would be! Hope I am at the condo when the call comes in!

We will head once again to Playa Del Carmen and stay in the fabulous condo that we rented last time! I cannot wait! We are condo type travellers. We like that you can have a place of your own, shop locally for groceries and sundries and just enjoy the Mexican people. We wander and roam all about and some days we name beach days where we’ll pack a small snack and head to the beach! I hope we have lots of those this time!

The other great thing about this type of travel as you really get to see the real Mexican life! We will be living right across the street from this school and it’s awesome to hear the kids singing their alphabets or older kids playing tag in the playground, really we love this as we wake in the morning and sip our coffee or tea!

We will do a little of touring, we plan to go to a few places and see some more pyramids and there’s a town called Valladolid that we plan to spend a day or two as well! Fun times. I’ll try to blog while there and give you more details!

For anyone worried about criminals creeping my blog, we have someone staying here during our vacation AND we have an alarm! Not to worry, we’re like the boy scouts, prepared!

To view the condo we’ve rented, go to and look for unit#340841 . You’ll see why we are going back! If you can find an opening, I suggest you book it! It’s plenty big enough for 2 couples!

Sweet travels,

Sweet Marie


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