My Sweet Marie

Fun Times With Heidi and Blake!

Posted on: January 8, 2012

Yesterday Blake and Heidi spent the night with us. It was their turn to turn in a coupon they got for a free sleepover at Meme and Pepe’s! And a sleepover they got! They got here in time for dinner so we all made pizzas together!

After a delicious dinner of pizza and salad, Heidi was begging for me to call Stephanie! Stephanie is the 11 year-old daughter of our friends Heather and Gary who live across the street. Heidi adores Steph! Stephanie graciously invited Heidi over to her house and even crossed the street to come get her! Blake cried when they left, he was quite upset that Heidi would strand him like that! It was pitiful seeing him holding his little sneakers calling for Heidi out the door! I thought Pepe was going to cry with him!

Luckily for us, they were back within twenty minutes and all three played and had such fun! They played with puzzles, trains,  memory game and they played ball, or more to the point, Stephanie chase the ball!

Because they played so late, bath-time was skipped and we decided on morning baths which didn’t end up happening either! Oh well…they’ll survive till tonight without a bath I am sure! We brushed teeth, read stories and off to bed went the royalty!

Morning came far too quickly, although isn’t that always the case? Heidi was calling me from her room, wanting me to crawl in with her so of course, I did! We chatted for a bit, just idly talking about going back to school this week, her friends and such. It was nice to just chit-chat with my way too smart 4- year-old grand-daughter! She is far brighter than the average 4-year-old, although in all honesty, she’s the only 4 year-old I know!

Blake soon was calling for Heidi and it was lovely to see her greet him with a big hug and “I love you Blakie boy!”. I thought “Wow, that’s how we all should start our morning!” It warmed the heart. We all decided to gang up on Pepe and Blake was the first to oblige! He jumped on the bed much to Denis’ surprise and planted a kiss on Denis’ cheek! “Hi’ning”. Well, again, nice way to start the day! So we giggled while Blake took turns giving out kisses, and when Heidi and Blake bonked heads it was time to get the show on the road!

Breakfast was a bit of a hit and miss, usually we do pancakes but neither of them were really hungry, very unusual. So they started with juice and Blake had a bit of a bagel but Heidi insisted on fruit! So fruit she got!

So when Melissa called to say she was on the way, I told Denis to occupy the kids while I go around and find all their stuff! You wouldn’t think there’d be much because they were here only one night but by golly they have stuff! Anyhow, while I am gathering I can hear giggling and all types of noises and thought, good for you Denis!

Then I walk in the kitchen and see Blake and Heidi at the top of the steps, Denis at the bottom and they are playing catch! Oh my…really a 2- year-old and 4 year-old playing catch with a ball at the top of the steps. I say “Denis, do you not see an issue with this game?” What we’re having fun??? Really why is it a man can be so safety conscience at work but not when kids are involved? Thank goodness Melissa arrived and the point was moot!

I hope you had a fun weekend with the people you love to surround yourself with too!

Sweet Marie



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