My Sweet Marie

Having Sleepovers…

Posted on: December 31, 2011

For Christmas this year, we gave each family a gift basket. Inside this basket were a few things I’d collected over the last little while but also there was a gift certificate to Boston Pizza, a movie pass for two with the popcorn and most importantly, a gift certificate to the grand-kids for a sleepover at Meme and Pepe’s house! This is not a night of free babysitting but a night out for the grand-kids! Everyone thinks the parents need a night away from the kids but really maybe it’s kids who need the break away!

They were told that all snacks and meals would meet dietary restrictions and that all good behaviour is rewarded with hugs,cookies and kisses! (Like any grand-parent would do!) Bad behaviour will not be noticed!

Side effects of these sleepovers may include sleepiness, whining upon return home, “I miss Meme and Pepe’s”. Sleepovers should be repeated till symptoms disappear!

So Holly was the first to take us up on the gift certificate. She sent Mom and Dad (Mel and Jim) out to dinner and a movie so that they wouldn’t miss her too much and she came to Meme and Pepe’s for a night on the town!

We had a great time, she started out with a bit of Curious George and then it was on to play-doh and she made all kinds of meatballs out of green play-doh, very yummy indeed! For dinner she got served chicken and rice, believe it or not, it’s one of her favourites! For dessert…gluten-free rice Krispies! Always a hit!

After a swim in the tub, can you really call it a bath when all they do is play? I guess I did wash her hair, sure let’s call it a bath! So after her swim, I mean bath, we popped some popcorn and then headed downstairs to watch some veggie tales! These are christian movies for kids, which are actually quite good! She wanted 2 of them so guess what? Yep, she got to watch two of them!

Bedtime was a breeze, we read a couple of stories including ‘Le Rouge c’est bien mieux!” and’ Toni and the tomato soup’! Two very good books if you’re in need of more! She dozed right off to sleep without any kind of trouble and Meme finally got to relax!

Morning came a bit sooner than my preference but that goes with the territory doesn’t it? After a few breakfasts, Holly gave her Mommy and Daddy a huge welcome, and then off they went! She went home happy and Mel and Jim were rested and they had a fun night too! Apparently the whole evening cost them 81 cents! Gotta love that!

Heidi and Blake will be cashing in their sleepover coupon next Saturday, what kind of  food and fun shall we plan for them?

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie


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