My Sweet Marie

Boxing Day Blues

Posted on: December 26, 2011

For months we prepare, we shop, we cook, we clean and then in a few hours it all goes by in a blur then poof…it’s over! All the packages are gone along with the little people to whom they belong and the house is so quiet you’d hear a mouse fart! What is up with that?

Our Christmas Day was loaded with noise, food and fun just as it should be! Trying to play Twister with a 4-year-old and a 2 and half- year-old were well worth the giggles! Heidi was as serious as can be and Holly well… she didn’t quite get it yet! Give her time and she’ll get it!

Brunch was delicious with our Curried Poochie Eggs, our family favourite and a must on Christmas day apparently! I shall share my recipe for that in my next post! The girls absolutely love them and love having for Christmas brunch! So they get served up along with the bacon,sausages, home fries and fruit & yogurt! Do you ever notice how food is always the central part of a holiday? Or is that just me?

We started out the gift exchange by handing out one gift at a time and then all of a sudden I look around the room and everyone is opening gifts willie-nillie! Heidi was getting under the tree and handing out the gifts for the most part, to the right people! At age 4 she is recognizing names. She can’t quite read yet but is recognizing certain names.  Of course there is a chance she was looking for her own name but I’d like to think she was just being helpful!

I’m not sure how it happened but Blake at one point was just going and grabbing any gift and opening them! Can you say chaos? Oh my! At just turned 2, Blake just loves ripping open the gifts, I could have wrapped 10 empty boxes and that boy would have been just as happy as opening the Home Depot tool bench that I got him! The big hit though was the package of emergency dinky cars! It was a set of firetrucks, police cars, ambulances…oh he liked that!

Holly got a bit excited when she opened the cash register, she was just burning up wanting to play with that toy! We got her the grocery cart and the groceries to go with it and she thought that was really cool! I’ll bet she is playing with them all right now or at least I’d like to think she is!

Once the gift unwrapping was all done, we sat and visited some with coffee, tea or even beers and we let the kids dig in to their toys! We got a game of Flip-Up going, a game we recently learned at the Quenneville Christmas party, and that’s always good for some noise isn’t it? It isn’t a party till the cards come out!

Well, the party is over, the mess cleaned up for the most part and the food mostly cleared out! We’ll be finishing up those leftovers today and the treats gotta go!

However you spent your day or days, I hope you had plenty to smile about as did we!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie



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