My Sweet Marie

Do You Ever Wonder?

Posted on: December 14, 2011

Do you ever wonder if you are made a grand-mother to re-live your parenting days? Today as I watched Holly and Heidi interact, I couldn’t help but wonder. The thought struck me often today but when Holly tore off all her clothes and Heidi was appalled by it, I thought…hmmm where have I seen this before? Oh yes, Melissa and Natalie!

I begged Holly to put her clothes back on, I mean it was cold out right? She was prancing around in her curious George panties, sorry underwear, all morning till her mother got home! Even her mother couldn’t convince her to get dressed! She just doesn’t like the confinement of clothing! I hope she outgrows this before she goes to school!

Blake kept himself quite occupied the whole time the girls were playing! He especially loved the bowling game that Holly has! You set up the pins on this base, and all the pins shake and you have to knock them down. He had that figured out in a hurry, you just walk up to them and knock them down, what’s so hard about that?

We tried to sit and sing Christmas carols but we couldn’t agree on one. We tried playing three little monkeys jumping on the bed, but Blake kept running off to get a monkey! I would tidy up and bribe them to help me thinking Mel will be here any minute and she can’t see this mess, then they’d tear it up again! Oh my…what a morning!

In the afternoon, once we got home I put Blake straight to bed for his nap and he slept like a bear mid-winter! Heidi and I did some baking for Christmas and then we sat by the Christmas village and I told her stories about her Mom when she was a little girl! Someone is going to get a lot of questions tonight!! Hee-hee.

My favourite was when she asked about baby Jesus and those three guys wearing dresses and princess hats! You gotta love how kids see things! I explained that they were kings and they brought gifts of gold, frankincense and Myrrh. She said didn’t they have toys then? What is a baby going to do with gold? Thank God she didn’t ask about the Frankincense or Myrrh, I would have been stumped! I told her how Mary had the baby in a manger, and she said “Why didn’t she go to the hospital?” Good question!

Anyhow, I don’t recall all of these things happening when I was a young parent but then again, I was so busy working and trying to be a super-Mom, I missed most of it! Glad I get to see the re-runs!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie


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