My Sweet Marie

Let The Frenzy Begin…

Posted on: December 10, 2011

You know it’s close to Christmas when it takes an hour to get a few items at the grocery store! Where do these people shop all year? Why do they all come out two weeks before Christmas? I suppose everyone, like us, have people coming over for their annual parties!

Tonight we host the annual YA-HOO Christmas party! YA-HOO is a term we use for our group of friends. It started out as the Ya-Ya sisters, then one day sitting by the pool, we kind of called out to the guys..Yoo-hoo…could we get a refill? That’s when we starting calling the other halves of the Ya-Ya sisters, the Yoo-Hoo’s! Together, we’re YA-HOO’s, trust me, we really are!

So, we’ll meet at our place and have a few beverages and a nosh of sorts. The plan is then to head downtown for an evening of drinks, dinner, a walk through Victoria Park, better known as Christmas park by Heidi, and then we’ll find our way to Forrat’s in Byron for a chocolate fondue! Does life get any better than this? From there we could technically walk home, we’ll see if we do!

If you’re wondering who’s driving in all this mess, then you’ll be glad to hear, not us! Our other very good friends, Heather and Gary have offered to give us a lift downtown! Now these are good friends!

Heather and Gary have participated in our Xmas party a few times, two years ago we did an amazing race type thing, and they were stop#1! We had to sing a carol of their choice and Stephanie(their daughter) had to decide if we could move onto our next clue, or not! She gave the guys a hard time till they paid her off! I’m not sure who had more fun, us or them! We were ahead of them until they hid our clue at Jane’s which was totally unfair!

Anyhow, to get home we’ll either bus it or grab a cab, whichever is closest! Whatever your plans are for tonight, Christmas party or holiday cheer, please drink safely or don’t drink at all!

Merriest of regards,

Sweet Marie


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