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It’s A Mystery To Me…..

Posted on: December 3, 2011

This week I went over to Port Huron for the day with Melanie, so I needed to get my passport out of the safe. Now I wasn’t snooping, I legitimately had to get my passport but while in the safe a bunch of things fell out. One of those things was a ring box, uh-uh a ring box. What do I do? Do I open it? It is Christmas right around the corner….what could it be?

Well, I knew it’d be a ring, duh it’s a ring box! When I opened it, I was surprised to find a ‘antique looking’ or used ring. I thought what the heck? Did he pawn a ring off someone and think he’d give me a used ring for Christmas?

So on the way to Port Huron I was telling Mel my dilemma, she always has to go for honesty, just fess up and tell him you found it, she says! Heck no, I ain’t doing that, I said, can’t you ask him what he got me for Christmas? So she did, and it’s not a ring!

Ok so maybe he inherited the ring from someone and plans to rebuild it for my 50th birthday right? Well, it’s possible! I was racking my brain about it last night when Denis says ” what are you thinking about?” You look far too serious!

I told him what I found when I went in the safe and he says “you’re crazy, there’s no ring in there!” Ah yeah there is! Hmmph…wonder where it comes from he says? What? You don’t know? Nope.

So, all we know is we’ve had this safe since 2007, and this ring looks like it’s from Mexico, it’s silver and has some Mexican design to it. I would say it’s been in there a while too.  I won’t say exactly what it looks like but if you can tell me how it got in a safe that only two people have the combination to, and both of those people don’t remember putting it there, what would you think?

I vaguely have this recollection of perhaps finding it and saying we’d keep it safe…but I don’t know if I dreamt that or remember it! It’s odd, it’s a pretty ring but where does it come from? Bizzarro!

Anyhow…it’s a mystery to me!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie


4 Responses to "It’s A Mystery To Me….."

don’t you remember, you said you’d keep my ring safe for me in you safe…:)

Oh is that it? Describe it for me…

it’s gold & sparkly 🙂

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