My Sweet Marie

Happy Retirement To You!

Posted on: November 27, 2011

You know you’re getting on in years when you start going to retirement parties! Today I attended a party for my brother Denis, not to be confused with my husband Denis!(Although they both could be confused with Denis the menace as boys!) My brother is only 51 and retired from Ford’s recently! I am so proud of him, as he had so many teachers under estimate him as a child. Well, he proved them all wrong as he one of the smartest guys going!

Denis is number 6 in the family ‘seniority’ line as it’s called with my sibs. I am number 7 so you know he’s older than me but not by much! Growing up we sure had our fair share of battles, oh my! I do remember us having some good times tho, playing hockey in the winter when we had ice and there weren’t enough boys to play with. I always liked it when the Rivard boys were out of town, then I got to play! God forbid he should be seen playing hockey with a girl, much less his sister! He was probably worried I’d beat him!

Denis went to work for Fords when he was 23, that was a very smart move on his part! Now here is 51 almost 52, and retired with a pension! I hear his buddies, the Lanoue boys, are keeping him busy with odd jobs, smart guys as you won’t find a better worker than Denis! He can fix anything, and he’s quite good at the wood-working, I hope he’ll take some time to himself to enjoy that hobby. I also hope he’ll take some time to take a holiday with that wife of his, Michelle, they deserve it!

Michelle and their two daughters, Whitney and Stefanie, threw a very nice party today. When everyone walked in the first thing they said is “What’s with the ketchup bottles?”. There were ketchup bottles lined up at each person’s place setting and the bottle had a neck tag that said “thanks for kecthin’ up with us”! I loved it!

The other neat thing that I liked were the little forms they left on the table that had questions like “tell a funny story about Denis’ or What did Denis do to make you happy?  We heard some funny stories up there when the girls got up to read them!

Of course as with any Quenneville party, there was loads of food of all varieties! You cannot go to a party of ours and go home hungry, if that’s the case, there is a problem!

So Denis, I want you to know that I am very happy for you, and very jealous!  I am very proud of you for being the main provider for your family for so many years and I also hope you will take some time to treat yourself to a trip or twenty and have some fun!

Sincerest regards,

Sweet Marie


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