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Let the Games Begin….

Posted on: November 18, 2011

Christmas is six weeks away but the fun starts now! Tomorrow we have the Santa Claus parade in Strathroy. The parade goes right by Mel’s front yard so we set up chairs, and sit with our cocoa and wait for the fun!

The plan is to pickup Heidi and Blake, sans maman, and head to Mel’s for some hot cocoa and a rocking parade! Last year it was just Melanie,Holly, Heidi and myself but this year it we’ve decided to add Denis and Blake in there! Melissa and Dan will be out-of-town so they’re missing out! I can’t wait, should be a real blast as it was last year! For a smaller city, they sure put on a nice parade.

So, are all of your Christmas plans falling into place? There’s the work parties, the friends parties and let’s not forget family parties! We have something every weekend till the new year, should be real tough on the ‘health plan’! I will do my best to stick to it though.

Aside from all the parties, we have all the shopping to do, the cooking and baking and let’s not forget the decorating! Every year I get stressed about it all but I think this year I will just let it all happen when it happens! I definitely won’t be doing the baking I used to do or the cooking! I must make tourtieres and I am told taffy is a must, so those things will get done. I believe we’re going to do gluten-free shortbread and perhaps another treat but that’s it! If it’s in the house, I’ll eat it, so sorry Denis!

Have you made your Christmas list? Do I know what you want? Having grown up in a large family I find we are less materialistic than most as it wasn’t practical for us all to buy for one another. So today we expect less in the gift department and Christmas is about being together, not the gifts.

In case you’re wondering, all I want for Christmas is to see the smiling faces of my grand-children light up when they open their presents christmas morning and for the safe and healthy arrival of our expectant grand-child in March.

So hang on to your seats, put on the Christmas music, light up the lights, sip a bit of the Christmas cheer because folks, it’s here! It’s that time of year where everyone loses a bit of their minds and go a little crazy, more so than usual!


Sweet Marie


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