My Sweet Marie

Good-Bye Andy Rooney

Posted on: November 6, 2011

Andy Rooney, much like myself, was a man, ok I’m a woman, as I was saying…he was a man that spoke his mind. He stated clearly how he felt about things, things that were plain as day and sometimes he said things that you agreed with and you didn’t even know you had thought it. He had a way with words that spoke to you on your level, never being arrogant but plain old simple english was his way.

Andy Rooney will be missed by CBS. Did you know that his essays every Sunday attracted many viewers. These people would tune in just before the hour when he did his rants and the ratings would spike! That says a lot for the 92 year-old man. On Oct.2,2011 he announced that he wouldn’t be doing this regularly any longer, hinting that he’d still be on occasionally. Fate had a different plan.

Andy Rooney spoke his mind, he bravely spoke of things many people thought of but didn’t dare speak of.  He spoke out against the Native indians when they tried to stop sports teams from using names like “Braves” because it was demeaning to their race. He suggested they use their profits from the casinos to fund the poorer natives, as you can well imagine, that went over like a lead balloon!

Andy Rooney was a man of many words and words we all paid attention to! He wrote a regular column, wrote books, many of them and was a regular on CBS 60 minutes. Those are only a few of his accomplishments! If you’d like to see his last broadcast, go to and type in Andy Rooney and look for “My Lucky Life”. There you’ll find that his very last commentary on 60 Minutes.

Andy thank you for all of your many commentaries, your insightful writings and for entertaining us for so many years! RIP

Sweet Marie


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