My Sweet Marie

Happy Hallowe’en All!

Posted on: October 31, 2011

I remember when I was a child, I couldn’t wait for Hallowe’en! Back then you made your costume. So you’d borrow a shirt or jacket from Dad, he won’t mind right? Then you put on make-up that you borrowed from big sister, ripped up a pair of jeans and voila…you were…a…what was I actually? Or the old potato sack and tie a rope around your waist, a feather in a headband and you were an indian? How naive and politically incorrect was that? At any rate we had fun!

That day we’d come home from school and Mom would have grilled cheeses going and a pot of tomato soup on the stove! Every year! So, of course I kept up that tradition! Wonder if my girls are doing that tonight? I guess Mom had the right idea, fast and easy, filling and nutritious enough considering all the candy we were about to devour! Remember the lady down the street who gave out popcorn balls? That was my Mom! Oh yeah…still does it! Man she’d get lines up for those! I found out yesterday Melissa made a bunch up for Heidi to take to school today for their ‘Orange and Black” day. Heaven forbid we call it Hallowe’en!

Heidi paid us a visit yesterday for an early trick or treat as she’ll be too busy tonight to drop by! Oh my, but we had to see her scary costume! Too cute, she’s a witch with a curly red headed wig fit for an Annie production! Adorable, least scary witch I ever saw! Apperently Blake will be a monkey, very fitting I say! Holly is going to be an elephant, a costume that Melanie hand-sewed last year and Holly would not go near!

Whatever your plans are for tonight, trick o’ treating or shelling out treats, playing tricks or simply watching from afar, please be safe and watch out for the ghouls!


Scariest regards,

Sweet Marie


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