My Sweet Marie

The Thing is…

Posted on: October 26, 2011

The thing about turning 50 soon, is that I have been celebrating with a lot of people turning 50 as well! Many of my friends, their husbands and family are all hitting the 50 mark together! I like that I’m not alone in my ’50 journey’!

On the weekend we were gathered with the Ya-ya’s and their spouses the Yoo-hoo’s, together we are a bunch of Ya-Hoos! We were in Ann Arbor and unbeknownst to my hubby Denis, we celebrated his 50th! They made him wear a 50 necklace, to my surprise he did almost the whole weekend! They had him drinking from a mug with 50 all over it, and a shot glass with 50 all over it as well! He gladly participated, especially with the shot glass full of tequila! Can’t say he’ll remember it but we have the pictures in case he doesn’t!

Soon we’ll be celebrating another 50 with Anita’s hubby Tom. Time will tell how that goes! I’ll have to write to you about that when it happens as Tom is the comic relief in our group. He always has a smart joke or comment for us all to laugh at it. Where would be without laughter?

Everyone that I know that has turned 50 says “it’s just a number” but I wonder is it? People who are 50 seem more sure of themselves, more calm, is it that they know something I don’t? I’ll let you know the day I turn 50! I have almost 4 months left to my 40’s…I am living them up! I may crash and burn at 50 but I am going out with style or at least flare!(Or is that flame?)

My health journey continues, I am trying my best to lose this belly, it’s coming off slowly but I am not real good at resisting temptation. When chips are put out, I have a hard time not sampling, and you know you can’t eat just one! At Weight Watcher’s they tell you that it’s ok to have a treat but to just count it? So how many points for a bag of plain ruffles?

I will try to stay away from temptations from now on or at least try to control them, I don’t bring the stuff in my home so that helps a lot. Now if I only could convince Lays to stop making chips! If they put MSG on all their chips then I couldn’t eat any of them but no the plain ones are fine for me to eat! Isn’t it funny that I won’t eat something that I am allergic to but I’ll eat something even if I know it’s bad for my health? Hmmm…there’s an observation that may help me in the future!

Well folks, I think I’ll go have some veggie sticks and pretend they are chips!

My sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie


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