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Blake and his Trains

Posted on: October 17, 2011

This weekend we had the pleasure of caring for Blake and Heidi while Melissa and Dan took a little R&R in Toronto! It also happened to coincide with us receiving a package from Jeanine, a sister in-law who has two teenaged boys. It was not just any package either,  she sent us a box of Thomas the Trains! I am not kidding, there had to be 35 trains in there. She sent a few tracks too, and there were trees, and stop signs,and the best part, they all came in this very cool bag! It’s a Thomas the Train bag of course!

Blake played with these trains all weekend, I think the fact that these were well-loved trains made it all the better! There were two of them that were battery operated and those were especially fun! They went forward and backwards and if he planned it just right….they would run over Rasky’s tail! (She’s our 15-year-old tabby) That brought great hoots out of Blake, poor Rasky! Heidi thought they were cool too, she was caught a few times on the floor playing too!

Heid spent a good part of the weekend on my laptop playing Strawberry Shortcake games! I found this website and you type in Strawberry Shortcake and all these activities pop up! I don’t know how she learned to use a computer at 4 years old but she knows how to do it! So she had fun with that while I was busy making dinner or while Blake played trains with Pepe! It worked for us all!

On Sunday we gathered at our place to celebrate Melanie’s birthday and Holly at a go at the trains too but still it was Blake that was most impressed! The daddies, Jim and Dan also thought they were very cool! At the end of the day, I packed most of them up and sent them home with Blake. We kept a few here so that he has some to play with when he visits Meme and Pepe!

So Jeanine, if you’re reading….thank you so much for the wonderful gift of Thomas the Trains. They are appreciated and will be played with often! Tell Dylan and Jarrett, Blakie sends hugs! XOXOXO

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie



2 Responses to "Blake and his Trains"

Hey AM,

I read your comment and it was really nice and “sweet”.



Thanks Jeanine! And Thank You!!!

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