My Sweet Marie

Happy Birthday Mom!

Posted on: September 25, 2011

On Tuesday my mother will turn 76, I am working that day so won’t be around to celebrate with her though 😦 . Lucky for her, she has 8 kids and about a million extended family members and half million friends to give her some much deserved TLC. I hear she’s going out for lunch on Wednesday with her sisters, which I hear is always fun, I know they’ll take good care of. I am sure one of my siblings will have her over for dinner, likely Marg or Marc, or maybe Monique…or could be Marc or Andre, then again…Phil and Denis are good cooks too, we will just have to wait and see. I’m thinking it won’t be Colette as she lives in Michigan but surely she’s a great cook too.

I struggle every year with, do I buy a gift or not? Do you have this struggle? Actually it’s not do I buy a gift, but how do you buy a gift for a woman who would turn the world upside down for you if you needed her to? What could I possibly buy her that a) she doesn’t already have or b)that she wants? She is 76, really does she want another trinket to dust? Does she need another coffee mug? Something to ponder for sure. I’ve got 2 days to get it done too!

In years past, I have written her poems and tucked them in a store-bought card, I have gotten her those little books with all the Mom poems in it, but in that little book, for each poem I made a side note to tell her how that poem was about her. For example there was a poem about Mom being funny, well there is nothing funnier than the time she camped with us! Let me tell you that story.

One summer, a few of my siblings were going camping. We had a camper at the time so we talked Mom into joining us. On the first morning there, she headed to the washroom for her morning routine. She had taken Melanie along with her and not 5 minutes after they left we could hear the laughter coming from the bathrooms. I mean the place was full of women getting ready for morning and there is my Mother heading back to camp laughing her butt off! She was practically crying, Melanie was laughing too, she was about 6 at the time. So apparently, Mom got out her toothbrush, put some paste on it and lifted the brush to her mouth, only to find it empty! She had left her teeth in the camper! Well once Mom starts laughing, there is no stopping it as she keeps reliving it in her head…too funny. I still smile when I think of it!

Anyhow, Mom if you’re reading this, I want you to know that everyday I thank God for choosing me as one of your kids. I am grateful for every single thing you do, have done and likely still will do for me. My childhood would have been a whole lot different without you. You are the reason I am who I am today. Thank you. May your day be filled with love, laughter and joy as you ooze all that on us on a daily basis.

love you lots,

Sweet Marie


2 Responses to "Happy Birthday Mom!"

Well put Marie, she’s all that and more. The story was hilarious and there’s likely a million more just as treasurable.I think Mom enjoys a phone call a note or even a short visit many times mere than trinkets or gifts. She once told me that we are her gifts and that is all she needs.

Yes, I do treasure my little visits with Mom. I try to go when I can get all to myself, how greedy eh? You’re right, she doesn’t need trinkets to know I love her!

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