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My Aha Moment…

Posted on: September 20, 2011

I woke up this morning with a funny feeling in my belly. It wasn’t pain really,nor was it a twinge, it was more of a pang. I was explaining it to my daughter when she said “Mom, that’s what we call a hunger pang!” I thought “Wow, so this is what hungry feels like!”

It’s sad but true, I don’t often let myself get hungry and you might wonder why? I sure do wonder!  I didn’t starve as a child, that’s for darn sure, I ate real well! I am not poor but have had droughts for sure! But I can tell you whenever I plan things, appointments and such, my first thought is usually ok so when will I have lunch/dinner etc. Interesting at the very least, this has been a revelation for me, not sure what to do with it but revelation none the less!

I’m not sure where all this willpower is coming from but I am gung-ho about sticking to my plan and have been doing well this week. I am eating healthy, keeping a log and counting every little bite that goes in! This week the no calorie soup is saving me, I am filling up big time on that! I usually have it with rusks and bruschetta. Rusks are like melba toast but airier and with the bruschetta on top, de-lite-ful!(get it-lite?)

My exercise plan is taking a bit of a side step as my back is acting up as it usually does when I try to step it up! None the less, I am moving forward and will do whatever I can do to keep moving, back or no back. perseverance is definitely one of my attributes!

Keeping busy with the new job is a big help too as I don’t have cupboards with treats nearby, only what I packed! Also, while I am working, i am getting my water in, I have it sitting there so that I can sip it anytime!

so here’s to hunger pangs, I hope to experience them more often and am glad to know that I survived it! Silly old, I mean young, me!


Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie


2 Responses to "My Aha Moment…"

Good for you for eating right and exercising….and the back thing, I know that one too..ouch…mine’s acting up right now too. Oh well rhea oil and ice will help with that…but don’t you just hate writing a food log…I find that one so boring. Hope your back is better soon.

Yes food logs can be boring but I find I am much more aware of things when I write it down! I lost 4.4lbs this week! I am a happy camper! Thanks Mary for chiming in!

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