My Sweet Marie

Smells Like, Feels Like and Looks Like….Fall

Posted on: September 18, 2011

It’s that time of year already! Today we went apple picking with Melissa and her gang. the apple orchard is actually a two-minute car ride from our house. It’s the Dwarf  Tree Orchard, you can get their info at . It’s great as even Blake who is not even two can reach the apples. Of course he just ate apples while we picked!

Heidi decided to come home with us and let Melissa,Dan and Blake go on their way. So, we took her for a walk in Warbler Woods which is always interesting as there’s all kinds of plants, birds,bugs and even the odd animal to spot! There are deer in these woods but I don’t think we’re quiet enough with Heidi to ever see one! In the winter, we spot lots of them but then again, it’s usually just Denis and I and we’re fairly quiet, unless a snake or something decides to appear.Then all Hell breaks loose!

By the time we made our way home, it was lunch time and Heidi put in an order of bagel toasted with melted cheese! Meme was more than happy to oblige. She,of course, had to have pickles on the side, she is a pickle lover this one! Add in some cantaloupe and a juice box and we’ll call that lunch! let’s not forget a side of fudge to go along with that. she found it in the freezer, it was a treat from Lise this summer, and I had frozen it to save for another day! I guess today was the day and I passed as I am trying to watch my waist. (It gets easier to watch everyday!)

So now Pepe has settled down to watch his famous Raiders and Heidi and I are about to go make some applesauce with all these apples we picked! This ought to be good, I will let you know how we make out. luckily I have one of those apple peelers that you stick the apple on and turn the handle, it goes fairly quickly! Heidi likes to eat the peels as they come off the apple, I figure it can’t be that bad for her! A little roughage never hurt anyone!

If this is what Fall looks like, then I am all for it!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie


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