My Sweet Marie

Remembering 9-11

Posted on: September 11, 2011

Where were you on 09-11-2001? It’s one of those dates that you know exactly where you were at 9:37 a.m.! I was in Bayfield on my regular Tuesday/Wednesday run, in my sales position with Sysco Foodservices. I heard something first on the radio going from one call to the next, then when I went into an account in Goderich, the TV was on and I saw the second plane crash into the second tower, live! I could not believe my eyes, I kept asking those around me if that was a replay of the first crash and eerily everyone was thinking like me, for once! I knew at that moment that life as we knew it would change forever.

How prophetic was that? My sales in that area depended largely on the flow of American customers to their restaurants, their Inns or their conference centers. I had people calling me before the noon hour on that day cancelling orders for their weekly delivery, it was an immediate drop in sales volume and a direct hit to my numbers. I knew though I was just a little casualty in this horrible tragedy. I lost my job two months to the day of the attacks, a huge hit for my family.  Ontario’s West Coast is still recovering ten years later. Some  Americans are still shy to cross the border but the area as recovered by attracting Canadians and that has been good for them.

I remember that morning calling my husband, my kids making sure they were safe. It was a horrible and scary day for all. I called my friend Heather, as I knew Gary was away and he often travelled through Logan, sure enough he had been there that week but was safe and not on an airplane that day! Wow, they had been looked after that day, Gary was not one of the 24 Canadians who perished! Ironically, it was their anniversary, glad they’ve been able to celebrate many since then!

Next time you are travelling and there’s a long line up at the security gate, remember why. I, personally am all for the security checks. They’ve needed to be vigilant since the attacks and they will continue to be, plan on getting there early and stop whining. Think of the almost 2,740 people who perished because of the lack of security, ten years ago today. Over 3,000 children lost one or two parents, think of that when you have to take your shoes off and it’s an inconvenience.

Safest regards,

Sweet Marie



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