My Sweet Marie

At Long Last, a Job Found Me!

Posted on: September 7, 2011

It’s been no secret that I’ve been looking for a job, in fact I would tell many people, in case they’d hear of jobs to let me know! Funny enough I wrote a blog just on Monday about being ready to go back to work. I told GK that I should really get my butt in gear and apply to more jobs because it’s not likely someone is going to knock on my door and say “hey want a job?” Well on Wednesday I got an e-mail from Kelly at the Forest City Naturopathic clinic asking me if I was interested in working for them! She didn’t see my blog but I do believe I put it out there in the universe, and the universe replied in kind! How do these things happen?

So, On Monday I will have my first day on the job with FCNC! I’ll be working as a receptionist and I am quite excited about that! I’ve known the FCNC team for quite some time and they are a wonderful group, I am thrilled to be a part of it all! I am someone who strongly believes in naturopathic healing and because of that, I think this is a good fit.

I think I am a little bit of a psychic as just last week I told a friend that I would be working soon and she said “Oh you’ve had interviews then?” I said” Nope just have a feeling I’ll be working real soon”, boy even I didn’t know I meant this soon! Life can change in an instant and in this case, I am grateful!

So, my friends and family if I am a little delayed in writing next week, I’ll be in training so have patience with me, ok? I am starting out part-time so the transition will be easier for me and then come winter, we will look at full-time. They are very flexible people and that is just hard to find these days so folks, if you’re looking for work, have faith, something is coming soon!

To see more about FCNC go to . I am a strong believer in natural healing as I have been healed by it!


Sweet Marie


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