My Sweet Marie

A Day Of Cooking With Sweet Marie!

Posted on: August 30, 2011

Nothing like a trip to a farmer’s roadside stand to get me in the mood to stock the freezer! I froze carrots, corn and made a fresh batch of tomato sauce today! I know you can buy it for a buck by the can but it doesn’t taste like this sauce! I use it for spaghetti sauce, stews, soups or anywhere else you need tomato sauce. Tomorrow I will be making stewed tomatoes.

To top the above listed items, I also made a pot of ham and bean soup! I know I’ll live to regret that as you know exactly what kind of music I’ll be facing once Denis starts getting in to that! It’s quite hearty, chock full of ham, onions, celery, carrots and let’s not forget the beans! Traditionally I’d use a dry pea for this soup but I am fresh out! You can tell it’s summer as all my soup stock is out too! I will have to make a big batch of that as well and stock the freezer! I like to cook up a huge batch of chicken stock, boil it down so it’s nice and strong/flavourful and then freeze it in containers or plastic bags! Comes in handy when you want to toss a pot of soup together in a hurry!

Let’s not forget the stuffed peppers I have in the oven too, man I did do some cooking today eh? I used some of my tomato sauce with these, they are just starting to aromatise my kitchen now. Gotta love the smell of that in the air! The peppers were also from that roadside stand!

We went to this roadside stand on Sunday, it’s in Jeannette’s Creek, a small hamlet just west of Chatham. When we are out that way, we go to Rick’s stand, they have a big variety of fresh produce and their prices are reasonable. Remember now, I live in London and I shop at the grocery store usually so prices are much higher and the stuff isn’t as fresh! Those tomatoes were picked that morning according to farmer Rick, of course he could have been yanking my chain! That is possible as how would I know when they picked them?

Well folks, back to the kitchen as now I have the clean up! That’s not nearly as fun as the cooking! If only I could get someone in to do the clean up while I am cooking!

Tasty regards,

Sweet Marie


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