My Sweet Marie

Back to School Shopping….

Posted on: August 23, 2011

I haven’t gone back to school shopping in a very long time, but today I took Heidi to get a new outfit for her first day of school! Who knows, she may not wear it the first day but that was our intention! We headed out to Sears and actually got there before the store opened, can’t remember the last time I did that! We had a limited time span and we had Blake, so time was of essence! Blake has only so much sitting time in him!

Because we were early, we went to Zellers and checked out their back to school stuff, and picked up a Dora sandwich box to go with Heidi’s new lunch bag and backpack, that Mommy got for her. Check,check and check! We had to pick up a new car for Blake while we were at it too, the boy needed something while we did all this shopping and cars do it for the guy! He’s like his Meme, loves a blue car!

Once we headed back to Sears, we hit the girl’s department and when Heidi spotted the pink top with a little fake black skirt with the matching silk scarf, she had to have that one! We looked around for a pair of pants, she didn’t want jeans and we decided on the pink cords with a flashy pink belt, she will be colorful at least! On our way to the check out, we spotted a sale, who can pass up a sale? They had the tights and long tops on for 2/$15, well that’s a deal right? So we got another top and pair of pants, and being a wise old woman, I got her pink so that she can mix and match with her other outfit! So, in fact, I got her four outfits today! Aren’t I the best grand-mother? Hee-Hee.

While still in the store, she thought I should buy pj’s for Blake and Holly, isn’t she the generous one? Luckily, I was in a hurry and we had to run off. We needed to beat Emily as she was on her way over and I knew we had only a short time! We made it with a whooping 10 minutes ahead of Emily!

Of course, before Melissa got here to pick the kiddies up, Heidi had to try the clothes on so that Mommy could see them! Good thing too as I hadn’t even done that, just eye-balled them! I still have my touch, they fit beautifully, like they were made just for her! Melissa loved them and I am sure she was relieved to think that’s 2 less outfits she needs to buy! I remember those days. It’s the most wonderful time of year….

Happy Back to School to All the Moms!

Sweet Marie


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