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Posted on: August 17, 2011

Today I packed up the kiddies, Heidi & Blake and we headed for the home of the other kiddie, Holly! I knew we had arrived when I heard a loud squeal coming from the house, yep this Holly’s place! She gets so excited when she sees her cousins! She threw her arms around Heidi and tried to hug Blake but he was having none of it!

I was busy trying to get all my gear to the door when I lost the craft box! Yep, the whole thing went ass over tea kettle and dumped all over Mel and Jim’s lawn! That is going to be a colourful yard for a little while I am afraid! I tried to get all the pieces but there were so many! What a mess! 

So, once I finally got in the door with most of the craft supplies I came with, I set up a craft on the table. The girls got right to it and made some beautiful art for their admirers! Lucky them! Some days it’s Meme, some days Pepe but most days it’s Mommy or Daddy who are the receivers of these awesome crafts! I have a wall in the basement that is covered with the art of the kiddies and a few other kiddies who visit!

Once the craft was no longer exciting, they tore Holly’s room apart. I swear it took them less than 5 minutes! I couldn’t believe my eyes. What is it about visiting a cousin that makes you want to rip their room apart? Wow! They played a bit of dress up,dollies and they baked ‘cookies’, wooden ones to be exact!

Blake loved Holly’s princess rider toy! What a hoot to see this brute of a boy riding this purple and pink toy, with princesses dancing while he drives it! Too fun, Melanie and I got a great giggle out of that!

The cats, Jasper and Harry, are a great amusement to the kids too. Blake has a thing for tugging on the cat’s tails, not funny when they give him a swat though. Luckily they usually are pretty tame! The scraps dropped on the floor at lunch time more than makes up for a little cat-tail tugging, I figure!

Lunch was a bit chaotic, Melanie made Holly a gluten-free grilled cheese and KD for the other two kiddies. Poor Holly did not find this fair so I don’t think we’ll be doing the Kd anymore! Next time, everyone gets grilled cheese!  KD is just a treat for Melanie, one of her childhood faves so I thought she’d like that, which she did…but is it fair to Holly? There’s a stumper for you all, I’d like to hear what you think of eating a certain food when a child with that allergy is present and cannot have it. What’s your opinion?

I look forward to all the comments!

Sweet Marie


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