My Sweet Marie

Is it Wednesday Already?

Posted on: August 10, 2011

This week has been flying by! I had company from Windsor come in Monday afternoon and they just left this afternoon so forgive me for not writing! My sister-in-law Lise, her two girls Lydia and Leah and her baby boy Joachim spent a few days here with us camp kids! The girls loved doing the crafts, walking to the library and of course, swimming! Joachim mostly slept and cooed! We barely heard a peep out of him!

Blake was at first a bit put off by this baby intrusion, how dare someone take his place in the isn’t the cute category! It didn’t take him long tho to move on and find something to do! Heidi took three days to learn to say his name and literally 15 minutes before they left she got it right! She said to me “Tell aunt Lise I know her baby’s name now ok?” That was important to her for some silly reason!

Lydia is Lise’s eldest and is a huge help to not just Lise but to me! I asked her to stay for the summer but she had some lame excuse about summer school, like that’s important! Sheesh…who needs that? She’s a brainiac and likely has a 99 in Math but needs it to be 100%! I kid, but truly she was a huge help, I’ve never seen a 14 year take such initiative to just do things for you, great kid!

Leah is all about the crafts and the pool! She did all the crafts she could cram in between her swims. I think it was tough for her to leave one to do the other! But she managed! She also had never had quesadillas before but I have a feeling she’ll be having them again someday!

Speaking of quesadillas, we lunched outdoors today on the patio as it was so gorgeous out and I was just finishing up the last of the quesadillas when the rain hit! Oh my, it was just one cloud going by, but it was a biggie! It came down in sheets! We were under the pergola that is covered in Engalman’s Ivy so some of us were not getting wet at all, the others made a dash for the garage! Blake and Heidi stayed in their seats and carried on with their lunch like this was a daily occurrence! The big girls got a real kick out of  that! Emily was one of the dashers too!

After the movie, RIO, and popcorn and one last swim, the girls and Joachim packed up their bags and the car and headed out! There were hugs going all around and little Blake looked up at Pepe and put his arms up as he wanted hugs too! He thought he was leaving too I guess!  So although we had fun, it was time for them to go!

Until next time,

Sweet Marie


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