My Sweet Marie


Posted on: July 31, 2011

Yesterday was the second last day of July and even if I didn’t have a calendar, I’d still know it by the weather! You can always count on some good hot and sunshiney weather in July! That is exactly what we got and thank God for that as we had friends over for a BBQ! Originally we thought we had Heidi and Blake for the night but as it turned out, it’s tonight they are coming over! So with a Saturday free we called Anita and Tom who happened to be free and voila, dinner party planned!

 Anita and I have been friends since the high school days and Tom well, he got thrown in when he married Anita! That was precisely 22 years ago as Friday was their anniversary! Their wedding day was exactly like yesterday, warm and loads of sunshine and not a bit of a breeze!

We started out with some Sangria poolside, catching up on each other’s summers so far, kids and families! We both know each other’s families so well that there’s always lots to catch up on! The first drink went down way too fast and we reloaded taking our time to enjoy all the fruit in the Sangria! I’m pretty sure the fruit was more potent than the Sangria. It was white Sangria, so white wine with peach juice, blueberries, strawberries and two cans of snack sized fruit cocktail for sweetness! Sounds weird but it was goood!

For dinner, Denis smoked some baby back ribs for 4 hours then finished them off on the BBQ, man were they good! We sided the ribs with a bean salad, spring mix salad, Ontario sweet corn and some great shrimp kebabs that Anita brought! We definitely had to hold off on dessert as we were stuffed to the gills as Mom would say!

Shortly after dinner we threw all caution to the wind and went for a dip! The pool was a warm 86 degrees and was more than welcoming! We floated about on our noodles and cooled off in the cool summer air, life is good! Once cooled off we retreated to the patio again and dessert was served! I did the ‘cream puff mountain’ served with some fresh berries, caramel, chocolate and strawberry sauces! Why do we insist on doing this to ourselves?

We challenged the men to a game of euchre, girls against the boys and last night we let the men win! I don’t know if it was the wine, the food or company but we could not get our game together! Usually the girls win but I guess it was time to let the boys have some glory, although we’ll likely never hear the end of it!

We topped off the night with a few fireworks, that were left over from Canada day, followed by a chimenea fire and some more stories of life moving on in each other’s absences! Our children are grown, theirs still in school, but we’re all parents and still bask in the pride of parenthood and those stories never get tired, no matter how old they are!

Happy summer to you all!


Sweet Marie


2 Responses to "Friends+Sunshine+Patio=FUN!!!"

ahhh, sounds like you guys had a blast….and yes it’s nice to let the guys win…lol.

Well, you knwo they’ll whine if we don’t once in a while let them win!! LOL

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