My Sweet Marie

I’m Baaack!

Posted on: July 26, 2011

I’ve been away for a few days, sorry to not blog but a girl just needs a rest now and then! My hubby and I were off to Port Burwell for some camping fun! We arrived on Friday on the last stretch of the heat wave! It was remarkably cooler in the park then in the city for sure but still very warm.  We put a fan in the tent and at least for the night we had a breeze.

Camping for us means slumming it, eating when and if we want and if you know me, there’ll be food most of the day! We ate really well and had a few drinks now and then too! Nothing like a campfire to inspire drinks and dogs! I’m not a huge fan of hot dogs as I did the plant tour one year of a huge maker of hot dogs and that turned me off of them for a long time. The smell of them grilling over hot coals though usually makes me momentarily forget those nasty memories! splashing ketchup on the bun in the dark , getting it all over your tee-shirt, classic camping move!

We spent all three afternoons at the beach and had great weather for that! We had heard rumors that there was a nudist beach at Burwell but never did see it….till this trip! What a hoot. On Saturday the beach was packed and we walked quite a ways to get a quiet spot away from all the kiddies screaming in the lake, but alas we found a nice quiet spot. We noticed that beyond this spot there many umbrellas but we thought this spot just fine so stayed put. After about 15 minutes here , I said to Denis, is that a naked bum there? I swear I saw a man’s behind…and I was right. Turns out, if we had walked about another 2 minutes we would have been on the nudist beach!

For the rest of the afternoon we watched people walk just pass us and then strip their clothes, I kid you not! Call me immature but I loved it! I got a real kick/laugh out of it!  We watched as these two young women walking and talking heading right for the beach and I said watch this…sure enough, one of the women looked up and poked her buddy and pointed, you could read her lips…she says”They’re Naked”!! They turned so fast they didn’t see the guy flagging them over! Oh that tickled me too! It was way more entertaining than my book!

Melanie and Jim and Holly visited us at the beach on Sunday, we had a little picnic and played on the beach for a while. It was great to see them and to experience Holly’s glee to play in the water! She was just squealing with pleasure while we ran hand in hand on the beach! You gotta love these moments in life and be grateful for them. I know that I am.

Well, back to my laundry, it’s piled to the ceiling, everything smells like a campfire or worse! You have to wonder sometimes if all the packing, unpacking, the laundry and all the work in between if a holiday is worth it. To me, anytime you get to spend time with the people you love, is time very well spent!

Happy summer all!

Sweet Marie


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