My Sweet Marie

In Loving Memory…

Posted on: July 10, 2011

Eight years ago on July 11th, the lives of many people changed by the loss of my nephew David.  David was the first-born grand-child in our family. My mother went completely crazy when David was born and she wasn’t alone! We all lost a bit of our minds on that day. We were so excited and happy. His first Christmas was epic, my poor sister Monique opened gifts for what seemed hours for this little baby boy! This young man was lost to us on July 11th, 2003 in a tragic motorcycle accident. Our lives changed that day. David will never be forgotten, he lives on in our memories and in our stories.

 Please share with me, your stories, I will post them on this blog for all to read and enjoy. David was a man of great humor,musical talent and intelligence, and was taken away from us way to soon. I have written a little poem for you all, let me know what you think.




The year was 2003

When you were set free


You were taken from your mother

Left behind a father,

And a broken-hearted sister


Life goes on for us all

But today we pause

To remember a young man

Who left us 8 years ago  


Your aunts and uncles recall

A baby yay tall


Your cousins hold memories

Of you at the parties,  

                                                                                                        the whoopee cushion

 hidden under Meme’s chair!


Your friends write on Facebook

Stories of trips you all took

Of gigs that you played

And how they wish you could have stayed!


If we could turn back the clock

You’d be the first to rock!

Sadly though we cannot

Instead, memories of you, are all we’ve got!


                                                                                      David Bouillon Apr.26/1978 –July 11/2003


9 Responses to "In Loving Memory…"

Thanks Marie, very nice!

Glad you liked it! Thinking of you all.

very well put Marie,I remember David making me go look at his poopies and laughing so hard it hurt our tummies,and once i brought David and NAT FOR A RIDE IN MY CAR,we giiggled our faces off and put pig noses on our faces,he would always wink at me and had a little giggle when he would see me,it must never get easier…….I’m only an aunt,keeping his memory alive is nice,like this.thanks

So sorry for your loss Anne-Marie. But may the wonderful memories of David always be with you. Hugs to you.

Thanks Pennie….yes memories are good.

very nice poem aunt marie. thinking of you aunt monique, uncle gaston, and natalie, and remembering david.

Thanks Jodie, glad you liked it. thinking of Dave too.

Its funny how some people remember stories differently than what actually happened!!!

If I re-call the story right Colette that plastic nose you speak about was not a pig nose but a fake penis attached to a pair of black plastic rimmed glasses. You told the kids it was a pigs nose but when we got home David (6yrs) whispered in my ear that Aunt Colette wore a pair of glasses with a wee wee!!

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