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10 Ways to Keep Cool in This Awesome Heat!

Posted on: July 6, 2011

I promised not to go on about the heat as I whined all winter about the snow and cold. I really do not mind the heat as I have a pool and air conditioning.if you don’t have a pool or friends with one, here’s a few tips from your Sweet Marie on how to keep cool this summer!

  1. Hydrate! Drink lots of water and room temperature will actually cool you off faster believe it or not! don’t drink soda, that will not refresh you and 2 cans of pop a week will double your odds of pancreatic cancer!
  2. Make sun tea! Take a large glass jar, think those pickle jars, clean it and fill with water and several (5-8) tea bags. let it brew in the sun for a few hours then serve over loads of ice. Great with lemon, some people like honey in it!
  3. Exercise in the cooler times, evening or early morning. don’t decide at noon to go for a run!
  4. Have cold meals, cold meats with salads, cheeses, fruits and nuts! Bonus:No cooking!
  5. Have spray bottles filled with water in the fridge, spritz yourself to cool off!
  6. Bring ice water to outdoor events, freeze bottles of water them hours or days ahead of time and then the water will be cold at your ball game or whatever!
  7. Use umbrellas for shade and little portable fans to keep cool at the beach or park!
  8. Go to the library, ever notice how cool it is in there? the mall, theatre and grocery stores are nice and cool too!
  9. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, these will dehydrate you! I don’t do caffeine but I am guilty of a little drinkie now and then!
  10. Wear cotton…it breathes or better yet…wear nothing at all!!


Sweet Marie


2 Responses to "10 Ways to Keep Cool in This Awesome Heat!"

hi Marie
great ideas,can you give advice about mosquito bites,have many and not much is working,thanks Col/Oxford,Mi

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