My Sweet Marie

The Duke and Duchess Visit Canada!

Posted on: July 4, 2011

Are you like so many royal watchers keeping track of the young newlyweds on their holiday in Canada? I have to admit, I have only caught bits and pieces here or there. Have you noticed how some people  are really rude with their comments about us footing the bill for their honeymoon? I’m sure these people haven’t looked at the whole picture!

What the ‘haters’ don’t realize is that the whole world is watching the royal couple. Go ahead and look up royal couple and see what you get. You will get the latest of their agendas, where they are headed next and where they’ve been. So the whole world is watching and what they are seeing is CANADA! We couldn’t even begin to pay for all that free press! Everybody in the world will want to go and do what the royal couple has done! Please people think about it, it may be costing us a fortune for their security, not to mention all of their accommodations etc but really, it will pay off in the long run!

Canadians are known for their hospitality, their friendliness, let’s show them what we got baby! They’ve been to Ottawa,  Montreal, Quebec and were in P.E.I. for the weekend where William beat Kate at the dragon boat races! Apparently they are a very competitive couple and they really did give it a go at the races! Better luck next time Kate!

I believe they are headed to Calgary soon and they should be quite impressed with the Stampede! I believe they are taking part in the parade, wish I were going to be there to see that! I hope they go for a little ride to Banff and Jasper as well, I’m sure they will. You cannot go all the way to Calgary and not do that! I understand they’ll be headed to the Territories as well. that should be interesting, I’ve never been there myself!

Well folks, enjoy your royal watching, keep me in the loop as I have been a busy with family and friends but will try to keep better watch on them! I wish they were going to be in town, I’d serve up some tourtiere and some fresh local produce, so much to go around!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie


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