My Sweet Marie


Posted on: July 1, 2011

Today is Canada Day and for most people this means a day off! So many people will be taking part in Canada Day parties, fireworks and picnics! What foods come to mind when you think Canada Day? I think of fresh local strawberries, maple syrup on crepes, and potato salad! I have plenty of salad recipes in my recipe section so please do peruse and take your pick! Today I am cooking up some maple bacon wrapped shrimp and mushrooms! We are headed to our friends Heather and Gary’s for some Canada Day festivities!

We do this almost every year, we stroll across the street, pitcher of margaritas in hand and our sunglasses perched on our heads! That’s all we need.If we need anything else, we just cross the street again and go get it! I love that! We’ll leave the caesar salad sitting in the fridge here, ready to be tossed and the shrimps will be in the oven with timer set for 6’sh!  We’ll be needing more margaritas or wine by then anyhow!

So what does Canada Day mean to you? Do you know why we celebrate Canada Day? In 1867 all of Canada joined to be one country, from sea to sea. Before then, there were different settlements across the country but in 1867 they all banded together to make one very big country. A year later on the anniversary, a celebration was started and Dominion Day got its official declaration! It wasn’t until 1982 that July 1st became Canada Day!

Back then the country was made up of mostly Native settlers, French colonists and English settlers. Today the face of our country has many, many different backgrounds. You don’t have to move around very far to see that Canada is a country that welcomes people of all nations and because of it we have a country that is enriched by all of these cultures.

However you celebrate your holiday, I hope it will include family, friends and neighbors regardless of their heritage! I am so proud to say I am Canadian! Our American friends will celebrate on Monday their independence Day and I wish them as well a safe and happy holiday!

Wherever you are, whichever holiday you will be celebrating, please be safe and do not drink and drive!

Sweet Marie



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