My Sweet Marie

More Table Talk From The Grand-Kids!

Posted on: June 28, 2011

I sure hope you don’t tire of my funny things the grand-kids say! Here’s a few more for you!

Last Thursday Melanie and Holly joined Denis and I for dinner. There was no special occasion, they were here and it was dinner time! I got everything on the table and we were all sitting down when I look at Holly and she has her hands and arms stretched out to Denis and Mel to hold, bows her little head, closes her eyes and says “Mom,pray!”…Oh my goodness, I was so touched, thought that was just adorable! Obviously at 2 years old this is routine to her, she must pray every night at dinner, I was humbled to say the least! Yes, we all held hands and did say a prayer.

Last night Melissa joined us for dinner with Heidi and Blake and more table talk was heard! It was a last-minute plan to have them join us so I whipped up some frozen veggies, peas and corn to go along with our fish and chicken, and salad! They happen to be Heidi’s favourites! She took one bite of the veggies and said “These veggies are divine!’ What? divine? Really have you ever heard a child say veggies are divine? Too funny!

Go back a day or two and Heidi phoned us as she was lonely for us. I asked her what she was doing and she said “Oh that Blake, he is distracting me!”  Distracting? at 4 years old we use a word like that? I don’t know, I think that’s just brilliant or am I a little bit biased?

Blake at 19 months doesn’t say a whole lot other than the usual Daddy’s, Heidi etc but his new word lately is Yeaaahh…it sounds like he has an accent! If you ask a question where you know you’ll get a yes, he’ll answer and give this drawn out Yeahhh…I think you have to be there!

That’s all I have for now but we are having a sleepover with Holly tonight so Mom and Dad can go out and celebrate their anniversary, so I should be armed with more quotes soon enough!

Enjoy the great day!

Sweet Marie


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